Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Last of Summer!

I know I have been horrible at blogging over the summer months : Things have finally slowed down and it is now time for me to catch everyone up with what has been happening and it is time for me to get back on track!

The end of summer brought with it more doctors appointments. Dr. Pattinson was the first, my levels are still elevated from the Leupron shots so it is a waiting game now to see if they will lower. I am scheduled to see him again along with more blood work in March. Next was Dr. Alam my oncologist. Obviously as everyone states from the outside I appear to be doing very well which she agreed with. I still have some skin reaction to the radiation (which now is slowly starting to decrease) which is normal. She also gave me a thorough exam which she said was good. I am no longer on any medication and have been advised to start my vitamins consisting of Vit. D and Calcium for bone health. Also, we discussed my return to work and she stated again there is the physical part of the recovery which I seem to be doing really well with but there is more to it than just that. The emotional recovery plays a huge role and due to everything that I had been through she felt I would be ready to return to work mid October.

To end summer off we had the chance to make a quick trip to Niagara Falls following my doctors appointments to see Attila's childhood friend off. It was a great trip as we managed to turn it into a group road trip! It is always nice to visit the falls again, I feel sometimes we who live here take its beauty for granted!

After our weekend trip I had another... you guessed it, doctors appointment. This time with my family MD for my yearly physical which was all good! YEAH!!

And, after the long awaited 8 years we were finally able to celebrate Attila becoming a Canadian citizen! The day couldn't have been more perfect, the sun was shining, family and friends were present and it was aboard a Canadian battleship. Atti couldn't have asked for anything more, it was perfect! It was a perfect way to end a great summer!

Proud to be Canadian!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We had a weekend of celebrations back in July with Attila's 35th b-day and our Dragon Boat Division A final placing! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

Atti getting ready to dig into his cake!

I can not thank all of my friends and family enough for being part of the team and coming out to show your support for such a great cause! It was an honour and privilege to have each and everyone one of you as a team member. For some of you, you knew each other and others were meeting for the first time but it didn't matter because we all connected, thank you for coming together as a team. Words can not express the joy I felt in my heart that day knowing that everyone was there supporting me and the many other women on this journey. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many loving and caring friends!

The rose ceremony....very overwhelming (I couldn't stop crying)!
Our team raised just shy of $10,000 and made it to the Division A finals! I am so proud of our team, not too bad for being rookies! Till next year!

Cheering from the sidelines!

Gina and I!

Survivor 1 and survivor 2 - My mom and I!

The summer was filled with many weekends spent with friends and relaxing by the lake. Throughout all of this enjoyment there was still reality that I had to face. Even though I was off the hook for the Cancer Clinic in Windsor for the summer I still had to follow up with the London Cancer Clinic which turned out good news and pretty much stated that everything was good from their side of things. I will continue to be followed every 6mths for two more years and then it will decrease to once a year.

Well, till next time ..... the last days of summer!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Following the finally of my radiation treatments, I guess you could say it was time to start enjoying the summer! I had so many things in mind to start doing to enjoy the summer and being done with all the treatments but I soon realized that the treatments were still having an effect on me. My energy levels were still low, but of course you know me I pushed through them and did what I had to. Upon awaking I would experience the most so called side effects that still remind me of this journey - bone pain! I looked like an old lady in her 90's walking ... the bone pain started in my hips, feet, toes, hand and fingers. When I awake I have to shuffle to walk as my feet are so sore and achy as well as my hips (which has now disappeared). After I realized that it was not decreasing it started to get a little discouraging because all you want to do now is get better but it really reminds you of what you body has gone through when you need to ask help to twist off the toothpaste cap and ask someone to squeeze it because your hands can not bend. Now, the pain in only in my hands and feet and I have noticed that my right hand is getting better each day. I have started to fall asleep saying to myself "my hands feel better" now whether or not this is what is helping me it sure does help to make me feel better!

Enough about the reminders of treatments, here are some pictures of how we have been spending our summer!

The arrival of Kinga for the summer, Atti's childhood friend from back home.

Like back in the day, hanging with the old crew from T.O. (miss you guys!)

Summertime fun, chillin on our friends boat!

Cruisin around on our jet ski.

At my cousin's for our summertime bonfires!

Thunder Over Michigan airshow - you know we can't have a summer without airplanes!

Our first Dragon Boat practice - more info to come about our results!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, cheers!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally Done!

Since my last post June 10th I had 9 more radiation sessions to complete. Well...... I am officially done! The side effects from the radiation of course continued until the end and beyond. The fatigue was consistant and the skin irritation continued to get worse as you can notice from the pictures but..... I am done and that is all that matters.

My last day was to consist of radiation at noon and then a celebration lunch with Val and Steph. Well of course I received a call that morning and one of the machines had broke down. Therefore, I had my celebration lunch first and then my final radiation at 6:30pm. When I left there were so many emotions running through my body. I didn't know if I should scream, cry or run out of the clinic with joy! Well, I ended up with a little of each, I snuck out of one of the exit doors instead of walking through the clinic again with tears in my eyes and once I reached the car I rolled down the windows, cranked the tunes and let out a holla! A weight was finally lifted off of my shoulders!

Along with finishing my radiation I also started massage therapy to help with the scare tissue that has built up due to the surgery. Let me tell you that this is not an enjoyable massage by any means. To sum it up, it literally feels like my skin is being slowly ripped off of my body... not enjoyable but I know in the end it will help to loosen my skin for my reconstruction surgery.

My last week of radiation couldn't have finished off any better than with our "Fight Like A Girl" bake sale to raise money for our dragon boat team. Thank you to everyone who supported us and helped us raise almost $450.

I am going to continue with my blog and will keep everyone updated weekly with the events that are occuring in my life. I thank everyone again for travelling with me on this journey and I hope that you all continue!

Friday, July 24, 2009

To be continued......

My apologies to everyone who has been following my blog. This is just a little note to inform everyone I will be continuing my blog starting next week! I have completed my radiation treatments and life has been a little busy, but I am trying to return to a "normal" life and enjoying the summer. So, again my apologies and stay tuned till next week for new updates!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The final countdown!

It's the final countdown!!!! Only 9 more sessions to go!!

This is my 4th week of radiation and this past week I have been blessed with some great celebrations. It started off with a wonderful birthday/anniversary celebration with friends that reminded us how great love and life is. This past weekend we also celebrated my dad and his brothers birthday with a home BBQ and then to top it all off Jeff's BBQ cancerbration and b-day! It was a week of celebrating life, family and friends.

In the mix here I still had my radiation everyday and my first follow up with my oncologist. Not too much was discussed during the appointment, it was just to see how things were going and to examine me. Dr. Alam stated that she didn't want to discuss anything further until I was completely done treatments which meant until I was done radiation.... then she wanted me to stay as far away from the hospital as possible and she would see me back at the end of August to discuss what was going to happen next. So..... my next appointment will be discussing my follow up treatment plan which she said would be more than usual due to my age and situation as well as reconstruction. As much as I wanted to know what the next step was going to be I am going to have to accept the fact that I won't know and just chill, relax, and recover over these next two months.

Even though radiation is much easier than chemo it is a different kind of fatigue and tiredness you experience. At the beginning of chemo the fatigue lasted normally a week and then your energy levels would rise. The fatigue did get progressively got worse as treatments went on. With radiation, once you get the fatigue it doesn't go away because you are receiving treatments everyday. I am holding up though and just trying to rest more and slowly start some exercise again in hopes of it bringing my energy levels back up. My skin is also reacting to the radiation and burning.... I am hoping that it holds up for the next two weeks and doesn't get to irritated.

Till next time!


Monday, June 1, 2009


I haven't wrote in a week only because there is not too much you can really say to make radiation sound fun since you are doing the same thing everyday!

The radiation techs are getting faster with setting me up and administering the treatments, I think they have it down to ~ 10mins now. There are a couple of side effects starting nothing that is bothersome, such as fatigue.... I just rest more and sleep in longer and.... my skin is starting to show signs of a burn from my collar bone down half way of my torso... so a square section of my torso looks like a lobster. I was mistaken that I was supposed to meet with Dr. Schneider every Monday and I found out today it is only if you have any concerns or questions which I don't have so.... not sure when I will meet with him again, at the end of treatments?

Something I found on a cancer website that I need to ask my oncologist about this Thursday is if there is a such thing as post-chemotherapy rheumatism because these past few days I have been experiencing to me what would be arthritis pain in my feet, hands/wrists, and hips. The website explained that this is part of a withdrawal from certain types of chemo and the corticosteroids (both of which I was on). It also explained that the onset was 1-3 months post treatment and I am coming up on the 6 week mark this week. I will find out more information on Thursday!

Another exciting thing is this morning before treatments I went to HDGH to have my stitch removed from my port and all looks good, the scare healed well! Another part of the journey over and done with :)

Well, the end of this week will be my half way point of radiation....almost there!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All gone!

I arrived at HDGH yesterday at 7:00 am to register and the procedure to remove my port was scheduled for 9:00 am. I was happy to hear that I would not need an intravenous lock put in as they would not be sedating me and that it would just be a local freezing. I had my vitals taken, BP, HR, temperature and blood work as standard procedure.

Around 9:00 am they wheeled me down to the radiology OR area and the procedure started around 9:15am. I was brought into one of the rooms and remained on the bed and they performed the procedure right there. The worst part was the freezing as it burned quite a bit and the fact that you are awake and alert for all of it,. There was lots of pulling and tugging which felt really weird and everything was going fine until the doctor stated that he poked himself with the needle while sewing me up. Great! So, he changed the needle and his gloves as it went through and then continued with the procedure. I was in recovery for about an hour and then I had to have more blood work drawn due to the incident. After all was said and done I was free to go home. I came home and slept for 3 hours and then got ready for my radiation appointment.

Everything is going well so far with radiation from my side of things, I was to have an appointment with Dr. Schneider but he had a teleconference so it was cancelled, therefore I will see him next week. The rest of my day was spent relaxing on the couch watching movies!

I am happy to say that I am excited to have my port out, it feels weird to not be able to feel it anymore. I asked to keep it but they stated that I couldn't, they even tried to find me an extra one but they didn't have any. Also, my nagging cough that I had following my chemo treatments has disappeared which I am also happy about. I have been tired lately and exhausted after treatments, but again I am not sure if it is due to my lack of sleep at night or the treatments.

Things are going well!


Friday, May 22, 2009

In Rememberance

A year ago yesterday on the 21st I experienced something else that no women wants to go through.... I lost our baby. I can't believe a year has passed since the miscarriage. It is an experience that is extremely hard to go through and your heart just aches.

Following the miscarriage, it took my hormone levels months to come back to normal and it wasn't until I went to London for my follow-up that someone seemed to start worrying why these levels were not returning to normal. Therefore, I was sent weekly for bloodwork to monitor these levels which returned to normal after approximately 3 months. That was a sigh of relief but..... shortly after that I noticed something odd, a lump in my breast. I thought it might have been related to all the hormone changes but in due time I realized that it wasn't.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and still healing from the miscarriage I realized that our little unborn child saved my life! I truly believe that if it wasn't for loosing the baby that I would either have been but in a position that could have threatened the baby's life or mine or would have noticed the lump and just passed it off as being related to pregnancy. As hard as it was to heal, we realized that this baby was a gift from God and even though she or he was given to us for a short period of time it was long enough to give me the gift of life!

To baby Fulop, we love you, we miss you, and we know you are looking down on us from heaven!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Radiation Day 2!

I started radiation yesterday and the whole process is pretty simple. For my first session they were running behind so there was about a 30 min delay which was better than the people before me who had been waiting 1 1/2 hrs. Today they were right on time!

The whole process takes anywhere between 20-30mins. They align me on the bed properly according to the tattoos on my skin and then the machine. Once everything is set up they begin, the machine swings around me to aim at my back to administer the first round then the technicians come back in make some more adjustments to the machine and then there is one round aimed at my right armpit and then another to the front part of my chest aimed on an angle from the left. Each time you here a humming noise of the machine gearing up and then this weird beeping, grinding odd sound which lasts about 30 secs which is the radiation part. And that is it, off the table and back again the following day. I also had blood work drawn today as Dr. Schneider wants a baseline and I will find out how everything is going on Monday when I meet with him after treatments.

Tomorrow, before treatment I meet with the dietitian as I had questions regarding antioxidants and radiation which I know can play an effect, Along with starting the Maker's Diet which is going very well, there are a couple of supplements that I take that are higher in antioxidants and I just want to be on the safe side and make sure if I should be taking them or not.

So far, so good..... 2 down 23 more to go!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Long Weekend

The weekend started off great as we had a wedding Saturday night at at Erie Shores Golf Course. It was great to hang out with friends and watch as two people join lives and begin their lives together. I had my exercise for the day on the dance floor as I danced to a few songs. As most of you know I love to dance and there were many nights you couldn't get me off the dance floor, Saturday night I need to take a break every couple songs and either stop for a minute or take a seat. But.... we still had fun!

Sunday we had my little cousin's first communion and then a family celebration afterwards. Again, a new beginning in life as she received the body and blood of Christ! It was a beautiful sunny afternoon that was shared the way it should be ..... with family! Later that day we visited John, Val, and Hallie and had a fun evening playing the Wii Fit and eating pizza!

My eating was going excellent last week, but obviously I tried my best over the weekend and did what I could but fell off. Again, everything in moderation and I have jumped right back on today! Along with eating healthier and having started some walking I am feeling good. Even though we had an amazing weekend I got a wake up call this morning saying that I over did it! I slept for 14hrs last night and didn't wake up till noon! I guess my body knows best..... still having a hard time listening to it!

Tomorrow, off to my first day of radiation!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


Thursday I managed to do some odds and ends around the house all day along with some house cleaning. The weather was perfect so I got outside for my first walk since finishing treatments. It is amazing how you stamina and energy are just depleted! While doing things around the house I found myself stopping between tasks and sitting on the couch or even lying on the floor for 10-15 mins. Your get up and go all day long got up and went!

Yesterday I had my pre-radiation trial which was a dry run of what will happen when I come in for treatments. Pretty much check in, get changed and what for the technician. Once they call you in they get you set up on the table and call out all different kinds of numbers which are the locations of my body position and my tattoos I believe so that they can make sure that Primus 1 or 2 (the machines) are targeting the correct location. Instead of giving me treatment during this sessions they took some x-rays again just to confirm that I was positioned properly. Whole thing took ~ 40 mins, but I arrived early as well so they said it should be about 30 mins with the treatment part only taking ~ 10mins.

I had some fun time today as well and had a visit with my friend Susan and went out to the show to see "Angels and Demons" which was excellent with Val and John.

I just wanted to share something to finish that I read today from my daily meditations that helps to answer the question of how do you do it, how can you be so strong? Written below answers that question and sums of my journey and who I am as a person.

To be alive means to experience difficulties, conflicts, challenges from many directions. What we do with adverse conditions both determines and is determined by who we are. Resistance, most of us have learned, heightens the adversity. Acceptance of the condition, trusting all the while the lesson it offers us is for our benefit, ensures that we'll "come out on top".


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Building energy!

To all the mother's, godmother's, step-mother's, and mentors I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. We had a quite homemade brunch by yours truly me!

I had another healing treatment which went awesome, I was so relaxed with out falling asleep, I think I dozed off once but came back to. There were times when I could feel that I was almost leaving myself, it was such a bizarre feeling. The treatment was to help improve my energy levels which it did afterwards but not that day, I came home and passed out!!! I also started the Maker's Diet on Monday which has been going really well and it feels so good to eat such fresh and natural food.

Tuesday, I had my radiation information session which covered basically all the information i already received from Dr. Schneider but I also found out some new info. First, the super antioxidant drink i have been taking I am no longer able to take during treatments as there is something with the antioxidants that interacts with the effectiveness of the radiation. Second, I am not allowed to be in chlorinated pools (so much for returning to swimming which I was planning) or hot tubs :(. Lastly, when outside in the sun I always have to have that area covered and for the rest of my life must always where sunscreen to that area. So, I did receive some good information from the class. I also had my last blood work for now to make sure my white blood cell counts were up.

Today, my energy levels were good and I was able to take my time dusting, washing, laundry, and cooking.... mind you it took me all day! I also attended a captain's meeting for the Dragon Boat Races and things are looking good and it should be an even bigger event than in the past with 100 teams. Stay tuned for some upcoming fundraisers, and come on out and show your support for our team "Fight Like A Girl"!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Leaf

Yesterday I attended one of our work fundraisers our 5K Path to a Better Heart, no I did not run! I have said that one of these days I would run it, it's been 8 years and I still haven't, maybe next year! It was a great success with ~ 450 runners that turned out to participate. I had the opportunity to see some co-workers and catch up and hang out with them.

Today, I went along for a ride to Novi with my friend Jasmine to the Better Health Market which was awesome, it would be nice if we could have an organic market here in Windsor. I have decided after a few suggestions to read the "Maker's Diet" and change my eating habits. Not that my eating was ever necessarily bad, I ate healthy but we always have our days where we eat too much or eat unhealthy food but everything in moderation. The basis behind this diet (which I can't even really call it that) is from the biblical times, what and how they ate. All the food is organic, natural, raw living organisms. The trip today to the market was to get the supplements they recommend. Therefore, I will be beginning on Monday and I am just trying to get everything ready and prepared so that I can start. I also made a couple of trips to our grocery stores to try and find as much organic fruits and veggies that I could. I also received a website for an organic farm out in the county from my cousin's Glenn and Patti which I am going to check out after this supply of food runs out.

Now that I am on my road to recovery from chemo and starting to get some exercise, it is time for me to take more control over what I put into my body. I am ready to feel 100% healthy again! It is time for me to balance everything.... the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of my body!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of you mom's out there including mine!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beginning Phase 2

Things have been getting better with each passing day! I started to come around over the weekend, it has been a little slower than what I thought it would be. I guess I was just hoping to feel better sooner but along with the final treatment also comes the recovery period. This recovery was odd compared to the others and I think it has just been an accumulation of all the drugs and chemo finally adding up.

Today was the first day that my internal issues have started to settle and my stomach felt a bit normal. I am still fighting this throat cough thing that is lingering. A side effect from these past three sessions have been a change in my mouth texture, sore throat and sinus/throat congestion. My mouth has returned to normal but there is still a lump in my throat and slight congestion which I hope will clear up over the week.

I also had my meeting with the radiation treatment team today. This appointment consisted of a CT scan to verify and set where they will be administering the radiation beams. This required me to lie on a hard as rock board, with my left hand under my butt and my right arm up over my head, not the most comfortable position and to say the least my arms fell asleep during the 30min holding position. They did a couple CT scans, moved me around, and drew all over me with marker to get the positioning of my body correct. Once they had me aligned properly some of the markings were turned into little tattoos, just small looking freckles by applying a dye and then pricking me with a needle. Therefore, when I am positioned for treatments they will be able to align my body properly each session to make sure the beams are aimed at the proper areas.

So.... this next phase is about to begin, I have an information session next week along with a trial run and my actual sessions will begin May 19th.

I had another great feeling today prior to leaving the cancer clinic when I gave some of my un-used meds back to the pharmacy for proper disposal. It feels so good to not have to take all the medications anymore, I just can't wait for a couple more weeks when my body realizes the same thing!


Thursday, April 30, 2009


Once again, I have not written in a few days which I do not enjoy doing, I would like to write something everyday or every other. Normally when this happens there is a reason.

Not much has changed since my last entry, I am still resting! Monday I had the chance to spend sometime with my mom as she walked and I shuffled around the mall (not the whole thing). There were a couple of books I wanted to look at, last prescription refill, and we needed to pick up a gift for my little cousin. So..... I figured it would get me out of the house, and do some moving. Well, my mom had to go get the car every time there was an exit as there was no way I was making it back out to the parking lot. We finally rested and had lunch together which hit the spot. Following our short adventure my body was exhausted and we made it home to the couch where I did leave until bedtime.

My sleeps have been pretty good but I am having massive night sweats , even during my naps and unsure if they are related to my hot flashes or if my body is trying to get rid of crap! I have also been waking up around 4:00-4:30 for about 30-45 mins and then going back to bed till 8:00-9:00am. When I wake up I have my most source of energy but it is not lasting long and I am back taking a nap by 11:00am. The recovery from this treatment fatigue wise is the most I have every experienced or maybe acknowledged. I am napping in 4 hr spurts, 2x/day and sleeping 9 hrs at night.... it seems like my body for the first time is forcing myself to rest and recover. Therefore, I have been letting my body do what it needs to and following the process. Of course it is aggravating because you have no strength or stamina to even put the dishes away!

The closest analogy right now to how I am feeling is what a new born does when they are born, sleep, eat, sh*#! I have no better way to explain it except that it feels weird when you are doing it as an adult instead of a newborn. My body is just telling me to shut down and let itself regenerate and in time you will be strong enough again. I keep forgetting to mention also that my hair has started to grow back, actually following the 4th treatment and now its on the run looking like a fuzzy newborns head. Everything is changing and that's partially why I feel like I am dazed and confused, my skin texture has changed, my hair, my eyes look different, so many "new" things. This may not be obvious to everyone else but maybe I am also seeing things through a new perspective.

My life is starting a new with lots of familiar things, but many new insites, adventures and stories which I am truely blessed for.

The next phase of my journey begins on May 6th when I will be meeting with the radiation treatment plan team to have my CT scan, tattoo, and book my sessions, then May 12th for an information session and then within days I will begin yet another journey!


Sunday, April 26, 2009


So.... I am still resting since Thursday!

I had a healing treatment on Friday afternoon which left me to rest for an additional three hours afterwards, which felt good! I also finally slept for the first time consistently through the night considering my steroids usually cause insomnia for me.

Saturday didn't consist of too much, I helped my mom do some small things around the house like putting away the hats and scarfs, putting away the winter coats, etc. Doesn't sound like anything strenuous but I was exhausted by noon. Had some lunch and alternated between the bed and the couch for the rest of the night till dinner, ate and back off to bed for a nice long 9hr sleep. I woke up at 5:00 had breakfast, relaxed for a bit and then back off to bed again for a couple hours. The discomfort of the bone pain started to set in a little last night, so lets see how things go these next couple of days.

I also found out on Friday that I will be having my port removed on May 25th - YEAH! And my drugs are almost all gone!!!!!

The sun is out, the weather is beautiful and things are looking up!


Friday, April 24, 2009

All Done!

Yesterday was my last chemo treatment, phase 2 over and out! It was a good day, I was able to have a healing treatment from Kim while I was there which knocked me out even more than usual as I have been able to sleep through these last three chemo sessions. Thanks Kim!

Following treatments as I was leaving I am not sure how my emotions were. It was a combination of many emotions which I can't even describe, I am not sure if it has all set in yet! But I did feel great leaving the place, it was a happy moment!

After all the excitement, the rest of the day was spent sleeping! I am sure over these next couple of days the emotions will start to set in and possibly overtake me.

Here are a few more pictures from my last treatment...

Me and my girl Heidi

Attila and I

Keep "fighting like a girl" and kick some cancer a$$!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day before last!


I can't believe it is the night before my final treatment! There have been ups and downs but I have made it to the final one with only two really bad treatments and no nausea or vomiting, I must say that is pretty good!

Today, I started my dexamethasone (steroid) and not sure if it was that or the fact that I have been overdoing it these past two weeks but I went to the gym before my doctors appointment and only managed to walk for 35 mins. This was the first time that I said I had to call it quits, I just felt exhausted.

I had my exam today at the clinic along with blood work and ended up seeing a different oncologist. Dr. Alam was called out on emergency and with the hopes that I would arrive early for my appointment she couldn't stick around anymore. The one day that I don't show up early, but.... she is going to stop in and see me during my treatments tomorrow. So... I only had my regular exam with no details about what is to come next after my radiation, hopefully I will have these questions answered tomorrow. I am free and clear of the oncology part of it until June 4 when I have my follow up with Dr. Alam.

I managed to do some grocery shopping for the first time in awhile on my own. It's funny how such little things are so exciting to do. And go figure that today was the day that the Superstore decided they were going to start charging for plastic bags to save the environment.... couldn't anyone update me on this news, just kidding! Also got the chance to hang out and catch up with my co-workers and friends Wendy and Carly who I haven't seen in awhile.

After all the rain today, I went outside and just happened to be thinking about tomorrow and then end and everything else that runs through your brain and my questions, fears, concerns were all erased when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel in the form a beautiful rainbow!

Could I have received a more perfect and beautiful sign from above!

To end, here is a picture of my last stash of medications and it was oh so nice to see 0 repeats on all of my medications (what a sigh of relief) and my last $2900 medication bill, (but oh did I get some airmiles).
Time to get some rest and get ready to "Fight Like a Girl" tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visiting Bouncing Babies

Today was a great day!

I woke up to read e-mails and to my surprise received one from one of my dear friends Glorianna who moved away a couple of years ago to Yellowknife. I failed to realize that she phoned last night but let an interesting message that she was doing something for me? So.... upon opening my e-mail and realizing that in honour of me she has decided to walk the Weekend to End Breast Cancer which is a 60km in Alberta Aug. 8-9 and try to raise $2000 for breast cancer research. Let's just say it really hit home and I felt honoured. I would have loved for her to have been here for the boat races but this is awesome what she and her team are doing! So, thank you G for honouring me and being a dear friend it means more than you know! And I had to go to the gym with puffy eyes because of course after I read this I got all emotional and started crying :( Love you and miss you lots!!!

At the gym today it was a little harder than yesterday as I was a little sore from walking but I managed to do my 60mins on the treadmill again.

Following the gym I headed out to visit with Val and my goddaughter Hallie as we were going to pay a visit to my co-worker and friend in Leamington Steph and her little one Isabella the soon to be play mates. Unfortunately, when one was awake the other was sleeping and vice versa, but hey they got to meet each other!

After our visit I hung out with Val and Hallie for dinner and then came home and instead of waiting till tomorrow to do the rest of the house cleaning I decided to start vacuuming and dusting at 8:30 pm... well at least I got it all done. I like to head into each treatment with a clean house so that I don't have to worry about anything!

And that was my day! Surprises from afar, girl chat, spending time with friends, and watching these new little bundle of joys take in this world around us!

Hallie getting ready for the car ride to Leamington

Hallie and her Kuma Sasha

Hey Izzy wake up, I wanna play!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Over doing it!

Well first I would like to apologize for not writing at all this past week! This past week has taught me that even though you are feeling pretty good you still need to take your time and not go overboard!

Tuesday I had my initial consult with Dr. Schneider my radiologist who was amazing at explaining everything and taking his time to ensure that you came to the best decision for your health. We decided that having radiation would be the best for my next treatment plan. I went into the consult expecting that I would have to do radiation which I look at as another preventative measure considering once I am done with chemo and radiation there is no other form of treatment that I would benefit from such as hormone therapy, etc. Some of the side effects are possible scar tissue on the lungs, weakening of the ribs, and lymphodema, and fatigue. I still am waiting for my appointment to set up my treatment plan for radiation where I will find out my exact times and appointments, get my tattoo, and some x-rays. I do know that I will be going for radiation Monday to Friday for 5 weeks!

Wednesday night we had a fundraiser "Girls Night Out" for the boat race team which had a great turnout and hopefully we raised a good amount for the team! Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support!

This week I had the chance to hang with some of my girls and do girly things. We also had the chance to visit with some friends we haven't seen in awhile and have some great laughs and great food!

I managed also to make it to the gym a couple of times to walk on the treadmill and did a little gardening outside which I later realized exhausted me. You would think after all this time that I would know ahead when I was overdoing it instead of realizing it too late. Unfortunately, it took until today to finally catch up with sleep and not feeling so fatigued. Maybe it's also because I know this phase is coming to a close that I am getting overly exciting and hence overdoing things.

All in all I am feeling good, still tired and getting ready for another busy week!

3 days left!!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

He is risen!

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope that it was filled with love and joy! I couldn't be a better time to be going through my journey and the first phase coming to an end so close to the Easter season. I have not been on this journey alone! It is by God's grace and helping hand that I have been able to be travel this journey. It is his strength that has allowed for my strength! This Easter season I am especially thankful!

My Easter weekend was great! It started off with Good Friday Mass followed by our traditional fish and chip dinner (yummy!). Also, a Happy Birthday goes out to my little cousin Benjamin! Saturday, I had a girls afternoon with Valentina, and then family dinner with Attila's cousins. Easter Sunday, I attending mass with my mom and then we had a girls afternoon with my mommy and went to the Fox to see Riverdance which was an amazing production! After that we had dinner back at home and I proceeded to the couch to try and re-coop from the weekend and all the food and dessert I ate :

Aside from a great weekend, I am feeling pretty good! All symptoms are gone (thank you) which is nice after only 1 1/2 weeks instead of the 14 day recovery from the previous treatment. I am still battling this running nose, congestion thing but it seems to slowly be disappearing.

I meet with the radiologist tomorrow instead of Thursday, so I am interested and ready to find out what the next game plan is. With each day I am getting more and more excited to be completing this phase of my journey!

10 days to go!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ben! Miss you and love you!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Last blog I stated that the pain was manageable and that I was taking my pain meds to help keep the pain level down. I started to space the time period between them on Wednesday to see if they pain was subsiding at all. I was starting to make it to 5hrs in between dosages.

As I stated I wanted to try and get some walking in so Wednesday I went to the gym and of course over did it by walking a really slow pace but for 60mins. I hadn't felt the best in the morning after taking my meds and needed to lie down again for another 1 1/2hrs before going and I don't think this mixed well. I think I did too much upon waking, making the bed, dishes, laundry, etc. It is so amazing how something that we think is so little activity can wear you out. Therefore, once I came home from the gym I needed something to eat immediately and then another nap... I know I over did it. So.... the rest of the night was just relaxing and trying to feel better which I did.

Thursday, I decided to not do as much in the morning as I had a healing touch session in the afternoon. This time around we tried some new techniques to bring my vibration levels up and to clean out my lymphatic system. One of my biggest excitements right now is knowing that all of this "stuff" is going to be out of my system soon, I can't wait till my body feels clean, detoxified, and back to normal. I have also been fighting this congestion since the change over in chemo drugs, therefore I have a constant running nose and now a cough.

So... for the first 20mins of the healing touch I felt like I was drunk, when you have drank too much and then lie down and get the funny spins and vibrations. I didn't realize what it was until Kim explained the techniques to me further once the season was complete. And then I just felt so relaxed and like my limbs were not part of my body. She also gave me a neti pot to start using to clean my sinuses, I have been meaning to get one for years and never have. To my cuz Chris... I agree, the neti pot rocks! This is the best I have been able to breathe in a long time and you feel so clean!

Following treatment Kim said that I would feel a little woozy and potentially sore due to the stirring up of everything and I possibly might have some weird dreams. Well, all of them occur ed! I was on the couch for about 2hrs napping and couldn't get up from it, once I did I went for a walk to stretch out and get things moving, came home had a bath, and then dreamed a very
bizarre dream.

Today, I feel much better! It is hard to explain but I just feel lighter, cleaner, and like I have some energy, hopefully out for another walk today. A much better feeling this time around than what I was experiencing the last treatment! Praying that I can continue feeling this way for the next two weeks!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Much better!

Well... I am doing much better at this point than what I was doing last treatment! I still have bone pain but nothing in comparison to before and the new meds are keeping it tolerable.

I am able to walk up and down the stairs, take a shower, do a couple chores.... so thankful! It's amazing too because I have a different mind frame. I prepared myself for what symptoms I could possibly experience this time and just prayed that the meds would work and I wouldn't have a reaction to them. Don't get me wrong I am still sore, but I can tell my spirits are a higher this time around which makes the world of difference.

Possibly jumping the gun but I am hoping to get a little bit of slow walking in starting tomorrow because even though I still am moving around I am stiff so it would be nice to move around.

Also, I will be heading into this next treatment with the next game plan ready as my referral for radiology has gone through and I will be meeting with the radiologist on the 16th.

Keepin the chin high!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

Well.... since Thursday I have been sleeping! I fell asleep during my treatment again which is nice as it passes the time. I had the chance to share a smile or a wave to some patients that I am starting to recognize now that I am on the bed side of the treatment room. I also had the chance to chat with another lady on her first day of treatments and to help make her feel welcome, I guess as welcome as you can in a cancer clinic. It was nice to pass this on as Jeff was there for me on my first day of treatments, it is nice to see a familiar face.

The rest of Thursday was filled with sleep that crept over into Friday until I had to go back to the clinic to get my Neulasta shot. While waiting for my shot, there was a wonderful lady making a matching hat and scarf for patients in the clinic who decided to give it to me as she noticed that I was not wearing a wig but a hat and scarf set. I was so appreciated as it was so thoughtful of her!

As for symptoms this round... it has mostly been fatigue. I take my last steroid tomorrow morning so by Monday I should now weather or not I will experience any bone pain and hopefully these new meds will do their job. As for trying to decrease these hot flashes with my other new meds and Evening Primrose Oil, I am still trying to figure out if they are working yet. Dr. Alam said to give it two weeks so we will see, though they have decreased slightly at nighttime.

Off for a snack and then another nap!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The excitement is starting to set in for this next treatment, it must sound so weird but it is true. As this part of my journey draws to a close I am getting more and more excited, only 22 more days!

Yesterday I had the chance to visit with my co-worker Steph and the latest little bundle welcomed to the world Isabella. On our next visit I need to make sure I take some photos so that I can post them. Today I also had the chance for a short visit with Val, John and my goddaughter Hallie along with my mom.

Today was a busy day but couldn't have started off more perfect than starting with a massage as I have been wearing my shoulders as earring these past couple weeks. I had my exam with Dr. Alam which went great! Due to all the bone pain and inability to carry out my activities of daily living and even inability to walk the Dr. decided to try some new meds.

My last treatment they decided to extend my steroids to help with the pain and wouldn't issue me the medication I requested called Tramacet due to a codeine contraindication. After talking with Dr. Alam she explained to me that becoming nauseous and vomiting was not an allergic reaction to codeine and is something that is very common for some. Therefore, we decided to give the Tramacet a try which I am excited about due to hearing how well it has helped others. Another new med we are trying is Clonidine which in low doses is used to help with "hot flashes" due to being put into temporary menopause. Dr. Alam decided this after performing my exam and me having one of the worst hot flashes ever and having dripping sweat from my armpits and forehead! I am on it for two weeks to see if it will help, if not then we will try something else (not too embarrassing)!

Other news, I should be hearing from the radiation clinic towards my last treatment. I do not have to have another MUGA scan as Dr. Alam stated that if my regimen would have been 6 sessions of FEC which I had for my first three sessions then I would have had to of been more closely monitored with heart tests as it weakens the functioning of your heart. But... because my regimen changed there is no need for it. During my next exam my referral will go in to have my port removed port should be out with in 3-4 weeks after my treatments, which I was so happy about. I still will be having my Neulasta shot following my last treatment which I felt more comfortable knowing as opposed to having my own body try to bring up my white blood cell count. And lastly I had the pleasure of filling out disability forms and pension forms, etc this week to hand into the doctor. Paper work, paper work, more phone calls and paper work - its crazy!

Well, off to tackle my next treatment tomorrow!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not much to update on but I am back up on my feet again and feeling pretty good! I have managed all week to do some form of exercise whether it be a home yoga practice, my home ball and strength training routine or heading to the gym to do some cardio. It is nothing compared to what I used to be able to do but it is something and it gets my body moving and my blood pumping again! I also managed to clean my house again on my own, this time even getting on my hands and knees to wash the floors! This is always very exciting because this is when I know my energy levels are back up, but..... I still need to take breaks and a nap in the afternoon.

All of this is in preparation for this week coming up, #5! This week, I have to get my blood work drawn for my genetic testing which needs to be done Mon/Tues/Wed in order to have it shipped to London in time to process it as it is not able to sit over a certain period of time. I also need to have it drawn as close to my chemo date as possible as I need to make sure my white blood cell counts are up because they stated it is from the white blood cells that they draw your DNA. Not saying they will not get any information if my count is done but there might not be enough information to extract for the testing so.... my count needs to be up. I also have to have blood work drawn for Dr. Alam prior to my appointment with her on Wednesday, Thursday is #5, and Friday my last Neulasta shot to keep my white blood cells up, YIPPEE!

It is such a great feeling to know that parts of this journey will soon be coming to a close!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 years ago today!

Well.... three years ago today is the day that my health started to change.

Today was the day that I ended up back in emerg after an ultrasound that showed something on my ovary and before I could completely grasp what was going on I was being prepped and on the operating table getting ready to have an ovarian cyst removed that was chocking my ovary. The surgeon removed the cyst that had drown to almost 9-10cm and had wrapped up and around my tube to my ovary, hence why I had no protrusion in my abdominal area. I later came to find out that the it was called a dermoid cyst which contains many different types of cells. They arise from a single cell that has the potential to become anything in the body. They are often filled with a greasy, thick fluid and may contain hair, cartilage and even well-formed teeth, sweat glands, thyroid tissue and muscle fibers may also be found. Mine had everything from skin, teeth, respiratory tissue, hair, and Wilm's tumor which is a kidney cancer that occurs in children. Red flag!!!! I was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer, immature teratoma grade I.

I guess this is where my journey actually began!

Back to the present moment... I am feeling pretty good, managed to go to the gym to do some walking yesterday, and plan on doing my home workout today. Building strength and power to get ready for #5!

Yesterday we went out dinner as it was my mom's b-day so happy birthday to my mom who is the greatest! She is a huge pillar in my life and an inspiration and of course someone I look up to!

Me and my Mommy!

I also had the chance to get out and visit yesterday so I spent the afternoon with my goddaughter on her two week birthday as I hadn't seen her since the day after she was born due to how I was feeling from my treatments. So... here are some pics to enjoy!

Day after she was born - following my 4th treatment.

Her first Paparazzi picture - please not pictures at this moment!

Hallie and her Kuma Sasha! - I think she likes me :)

As well, here are some pictures from the weekend from my godson Blake's 2nd birthday!

100 balls of fun! I know Attila and Blake enjoyed it but not sure about my cousins Chris and Michele - just kidding!

And.... I couldn't leave out my other beautiful goddaughter Grace!

To all my godchildren, I love you with all my heart!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One month to go!

I can't believe that one month from today this phase of my life and journey will come to an end! It's crazy...... this part of my journey has gone by so fast, it feels like yesterday that I was preparing for my first treatment.

This past weekend, my pain finally started to subside and I was able to get out of the house to visit my cousins Chris and Michele for Blake's (my godson) 2nd birthday. Again, time goes by so fast and he is getting so big and turning into a little man! (some pics to come) It was great to get out and visit with family since I had been cooped up in the house for over a week.

Sunday brought with it lots of rest and no excitement.

Yesterday, was the first day that I started to feel better and managed to do some chores around the house without any help. Also, from not moving and being on the couch or in bed for the past week and a half a lot of tension has built up in my upper back/shoulders/neck region. So.... I decided to do a home yoga practice which I failed to realize that the DVD was an hour and a half, so to say the least I was just a little tired afterwards but also I felt great because I finally moved my body.

Today, I had my appointment to see if I qualify for genetic testing for the breast cancer gene BRCA 1 & 2 which I did qualify for and will have done next week and I shall receive my results in 4-6 months. It was very interesting learning more about these genes and their job in your body and about your genetic code. My DNA will be put through over 400 tests to determine if there is any hereditary mutation with my genes hence why it will take so long to get the results.

Now I have a week and a half to relax, regenerate, and get some strength for my next treatment, speaking of relaxing I am off for a nap (eyes are slowly closing)!


Friday, March 20, 2009

From Bad to Worse!

Let's start with Monday.... wasn't too bad, spent most of it on the couch watching TV and sleeping as the bone pain was still around 6/10, and my steroids ended yesterday. Monday night the Petro's came over for a visit and brought some yummy Cinnabons which hit the spot, thanks! Upon them leaving, I managed to make it up the stairs and to the couch where I apparently put my head down, and fell asleep for the night.

Tuesday and Wednesday just got worse and worse! To Dana who commented that it would be crippling bone pain, you were absolutely right but there has to be a better word than crippling to even give it justice as to how bad the pain was and stating a 10/10 doesn't cut it either. I looked like a 90 year old with arthritis through the whole body who wouldn't even been able to use a walker because I was so weak that I couldn't support myself or hold on because everything from my fingernails down to my toes and heels hurt. Having to watch my mom dress me and my husband practicly carry me to the washroom, puts a strain on your strength and optimism and eventually you break down! The pain just kept on increasing and nothing was helping except for not moving and the crying wasn't fixing anything either but it was a good release! Finally, we called the cancer clinic on Wednesday and asked for Tramacet which was suggested by Valentina and Dana which I thank you both for but unfortunately because I am allergic to codeine there is a contraindication that I am not allowed to take it! GREAT!!!! Anyways they did manage to give me more two more steroids and Tylenol which I finished yesterday! Though I can still feel some discomfort, it is way more tolerable and I walking around the house now!

This one has been a doozy, and I think this has been really the only time that the thoughts of just giving in had crossed my mind! And that maybe I am not strong enough to pull this off with fight? But then I think back and realize that there are only two more to go and yes it is going to suck big time but there are many others who have gone through this and worse. I am a fighter and I will conquer this!

Yesterday was a better day and I did a lot of thinking! First, I want to thank each and everyone of you who read this blog, whether we know each other or not, I thank you! I am so thankful and grateful for my husband and mom this week who have carried me, dressed me, and fed me! To the rest of my family and friends, I love you!

So, to everyone I have a favour to ask! Over these next couple of days, at one point I want you to stop what you are doing and be grateful for something. Whether it is looking into the sky on a sunny day, breathing in some fresh air, looking into your child's eye's, or waking up next to someone, stop close your eye's and say thank you! Next, do something good for yourself or another. Make healthier eating choices today, get out and go for a walk, put a smile on a strangers face, do something that will make you and others feel better.

I thanked God today that I was able to put on my own socks!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Even though today was a beautiful day, I only saw it from afar off of my couch and through the window.

I am still so thankful that I have not had any nausea or vomitting throughout these treatments but let me tell you the bone pain is kicking in. I normally experience discomfort from my Neulasta shot but now with the new chemo drugs, and the main side effect being bone pain it amounts to a little more discomfort than my liking. But hey, I can say it is tolerable and about a 6/10, and feel and look like someone who has had arthritis for years, and it radiates from my lower back to my ankles. Praying and sending healing love to myself in hopes that the discomfort will start to decrease over these next couple of days. Along with the help of Atti's amazing massages!

Again, most of my past couple of days have been lying on the couch and taking hot baths. Not too bad I guess! Hoping I might be able to get out for a walk this week and get a little bit of exercise in.

Let's see how things go!


Friday, March 13, 2009

The day after!

Not too much excitement going on today!

Managed to answer some e-mails and rested after lunch. I had to go to the clinic for my Neulasta shot which I only have one more scheduled. I am free now for three whole weeks except going to the clinic on the 24th for genetic testing. This is a nice sigh of relief! I also managed to get a couple groceries with my mom following my appointment today.

As for symptoms, I feel like I am still drugged up on Benedryl and I have a slight bit of bone discomfort coming on which is about a 2/10 so not too bad. Lets hope it stays at bay as my steroids will be finished this weekend and the Neulasta shot should be kicking in soon too! But for now just mostly fatigue which I can handle - more sleep no problems there!

That's it for now!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blessed and Beautiful Day!

I am so thankful for these past two days as there have been so many blessings! Yesterday Atti received in the mail his date to write his canadian citizenship test at the end of the month and Valentina and John brought baby Hallie into the world. Today was my fourth treatment, I am over the hill with two to go, Jeff had his last treatment today YEAH!, and I had the chance to meet little Hallie for the first time following my treatment and was blessed and honoured to be asked to be her kuma (godmother). Today was an amazing day!

Now about my treatment.....

Last night I didn't sleep as I messed up my steroid medications and had to take three tabs instead of two at nighttime - side effects insomnia! My treatment went well today, I slept through most of it as they give you a bag of Benedryl for any allergic reactions you might have from the drugs. So, if anyone wants to know what I am feeling like go take a half a box of Benedryl and then give me a call! Just kidding but this is how I am feeling and I slept 3/4 of the day away. Tomorrow I go for my Neulasta shot to boost my white blood cell count up and then nothing for three whole weeks!

Thank you God for all my blessings today!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Day Before

I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Alam today and things went well. She informed me of the the side effects of the new drug Docetaxal which are not commonly nause and vomitting (a great thing), but bone pain. This is a side effect I experienced my first treatment and now following each treatment due to my Neulasta shot (for white blood cells). So.... I have experienced this bone pain before and am thankful that I have been able to tolerate the pain through meditation and healing touch treatments and great massages from my husband. They have also increased my steroids to help with the pain which has also been helping me gain weight :) Oh well, atleast my appetite is good and it is helping me keep some energy levels. The other good news I found out was that I am able to use hottubs which hopefully will relieve some of the pain so to the Petro's you better watch out! LOL

Some other news, since my white blood cell count is staying above levels I no longer have to have blood work drawn every week, just the day prior to treatments. Overall, this is great because this means less pokes and less trips to the clinic.

I also asked Dr. Alam today about returning to swimming to help with my right arm which she stated was fine and that I don't have to worry about my port and the chlorine. I managed to make it to the gym today and walked for 50mins, mind you my legs are feeling it from yesterday's workout but again it is great to feel decent enough to exercise and move my body.

This has been a great week, lets keep it that way!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fourth and coming

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon that I guess went well. My appointment was literally 5-10mins, I think it took me longer to get undressed and dressed than what my actual appointment. Not much new information, she examined me, asked how I was doing, if I had noticed any other lumps, and where I was in my treatments. That was it, see ya in a year! The rest of my day was filled with lots of laughter with my best girl Valentina, it's always nice and healthy to fill yourself with great belly laughter.

Today was a great day, I have been sleeping better and today managed to sleep in till 10:00 (ouch)! I guess my body needed it! Once awake I did a couple household things and got ready to head off to the gym. I have been trying to do a little bit of exercise each day and have been successful most days but today was a real good exercise day. I managed to walk for 35mins, kicked the heavy bag which I have not done in years. It was a great visualization exercise because I just kept looking at the Everlast logo thinking that it said Cancer instead! It felt great to kick the crap out of it. Then I walked for another 10mins and took a sauna. I might pay for it tomorrow but it felt amazing to get my heart pumping again.

Tonight I went to the Wonder Broads meeting which is the breast cancer survivor boat race team which my mom and I want to become part of. My mom will be able to take part this year if she wants but as for myself I will have to wait till next year due to my treatments and following surgery. I am looking forward to being part of this and getting more information as the meetings progress and becoming a great supporter for this cause.

Sorry, I am off now to walk Project Runway Canada as they are designing dresses for breast cancer survivors made out of post it notes and then auctioned off to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Tomorrow off to the clinic for a follow up, with my 4th treatment on Thursday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Burn baby burn!!!

Well I am getting ready to head into a long week filled with doctor's appointments and my 4th treatment! By the end of this week I will have made it up and over the hump and heading in for a home run.

Now that this part of my treatments are done, lets just refresh what it is that these chemo drugs were supposed to do. Cyclophosphamide - given through IV was the one that turned my urine red is used in primary therapy and metastatic disease. 5-Fluorouracil - given through IV and is also used in primary and metastatic disease and its actions are to prevent DNA and RNA synthesis. Lastly, Epirubicin - given through IV and is also used in primary therapy and metastatic disease and its actions are to inhibit DNA synthesis.

These chemo drugs all had many common side effects (too many to name), most common ones being nausea, vomiting, mouth sores, hair loss, etc. The side effects I experienced from these drugs were the obvious, fatigue, weakness, decreased white blood cell count (reason why I am taking the Neulasta shot every cycle) and hair loss; my eyebrows and lashes have only thinned and I still have to shave my legs once every week or week and half, and I have this new peach fuzz growing on my head now to. Some other side effects were easy bruising, darkened nail beds, heartburn, red spots on my face (gone), sore throat (gone), and constipation. I am so thankful that throughout all of this I did not have any nausea or vomiting and my appetite was still very well present :)

All in all when I look back at these past few months I must say that yes there were some struggles with feeling crappy and blah, but it was not that bad. I am so thankful and grateful for how these three treatments have gone that I only pray that the following three are the same. So...... I am saying so long to these past three drugs who have been my friends, I hope you did what you came out to do but it is time to say farwell and bring on the new guy so that I can kick his ass too!

Hope you enjoy the pics!