Saturday, January 31, 2009

The beginning

I started to write in my journals shortly after my diagnosis, as a personal journey but decided to share my entries with family. Upon discovering how large these entries were becoming, my cousin suggested starting a "blog". At first I had no interest but then decided that it would cut down on the mass e-mails being forwarded to family members of my monthly journals. As well, I would be able to reach out to others and especially my friends and share my story of survival.

In order to catch up on all of my entries I may seem like I am bombarding everyone. I am going to try to send out two blogs a day to catch up to my current location. By all means, read, enjoy, cry, or delete, do whatever your heart desires and needs at that moment. Through all of this, I hope I impact even one persons life, or open their eyes to a different way of living with "cansir".

Tomorrow, let this survival journey begin between us, and remember we are survivors from the day we are diagnosed!