Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2nd & 3rd week post op!

2 weeks post op ~ Not much news this week, as I was supposed to find out my test results which once in the office I discovered that only the CT scan came back and was negative. Good news for now, next week the pathology report should be back.

I have decided to give myself another half a week to sit, relax, and recover and hopefully by the end of next week I will be able to start doing a little more. I got a care package in the mail from the cancer clinic and in the exercise pamphlet they do not want you lifting anything more than 5lbs for the first six weeks. By next week I will atleast be able to do some household chores as washing dishes, making the bed, etc. I know I am being hard on myself and I need to understand that I do need time to recover and that's OK.

3 weeks post op ~ Back to Dr. Heartwell’s office to find out the results of my pathology report. Trying to keep my mind focused on the positive outcome! Well, she stated the healing process is going very well, and informed me that the cancer had travelled to my lymph nodes and affected 6 of the 15 removed and the tumor was 3cm. I am sure you can all guess what is next! I am just waiting for a call from the cancer clinic to meet with them and come up with my treatment plan. I will also be going back to HDGH at some time to have a port put into my chest for my treatments. Until then I do not know exactly what the plans are going to be but my surgeon did state that even if it wouldn't have affected the lymph nodes that I more than likely would have still been sent to the cancer clinic due to the size of the tumour.

So much ahead of me, how long will I be off work, who long will the chemo treatments run, radiation? reconstruction when? The list grows and will be answered soon!

This is going to be a long journey ahead for family, friends and myself. Some days are going to great and others not! The day I found out, I was numb and in disbelieve, I still do not believe I have this! However, everyday I am asking for strength, strength for many things and these past two days, God has given me strength. I am feeling stronger and stronger and feel little parts of me getting ready to push through this thing hard. Everyone knows me, I try not to get bothered, and this is yet another challenge that I am not going to back down from!

In the meantime the phone just rang and it was the cancer clinic, the doctors are reviewing my case today and I will have an appointment the 2nd week of January. If they feel I need to get in sooner then they will squeeze me in somewhere, she said they are swamped -that is crazy to believe how busy the cancer clinic is :(

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  1. Sasha. Reading your blog is the first that I've heard of this news. My heart nearly dropped, and my eyes are tearing up the more that I read. I just want you to know that my prayers are with you, and I love you from the bottom of my heart. Whether you realize it or not, you have made such a great impact on my life. You're always smiling, and could always brighten up my day. I truly admire that about you! I just want to let you know that you're going to get through this Sash. I KNOW it......Just keep smiling!