Friday, February 20, 2009

3 down - 3 to go!

I just woke up from a 3.5hr nap and it is the day after my third treatment, I can't believe I am half-way there already, YEAHHHHH! I have decided to start writing in real time and combine some points from my previous treatment along the way.

I was kind of upsetting yesterday sitting in the waiting room as it was really busy and there were not a lot of happy faces which I guess is to be expected. Once I was called in they prepped me for my port insertion and pop in it went and I began. I took my three anti nausea medicationss, explained to them my symptoms from treatment 2 and they agreed to give me my one drug (cyclo) at a slower rate and also add more fluids (saline) to the dose to help decrease the main symptom which was sever sinus pressure. So far so good today no headaches, thank you! The first treatment I had severe headache pressure which lasted 2 weeks, down to 4 days for treatment 2 and so far they have not started this treatment, lets hope it stays that way.

Since I am half way done, this treatment was the last of this round -no more peeing red :(. Next treatment I will be starting a whole new single drug as opposed to three drugs like I have been receiving. The treatment duration will be longer because they also have to administer Benadryl to help with possible allergic reactions and also the drug (tax) itself has to be administered slowly.

How do I occupy my time during treatments? Last treatment I started meditating during the administration of the one drug cyclo as I can feel its effects while it enters my body. I have downloaded a couple meditation and chakra balancing albums on my iPod. I have found that this is really helping along with pointers from my reiki treatments. We visit with Jeff and Dilleta and catch up on how they are doing as well as Isabella and have some laughs and I always get some good pointers from Jeff. This time around Attila thought it would be cute to write me love notes and throw them at me like we were back in grade 2. You gotta love him, and one things for sure he knows how to make me laugh!

More to come tomorrow along with some pictures as some of you still haven't seen me bald yet!



  1. Hi Sasha,

    I work with Val and saw some of your pics with her on Facebook. We were talking about you last week and she forwarded me the link for your blog. I have just finished reading it from start to finish. I must admit that I needed some kleenex and you are amazing! You are an inspiration and your positive attitude is what is going to get you through this.

    I will continue to follow and my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  2. Hi Diane,
    I can' thank you enough for taking the time out to read about my journey. Believe me when I was writing some of them I needed some kleenex too! Thank you for your words and I hope to continue to be an inspiration for everyone and I will stay positive and strong!

    It is also all the prayers that will help me to get through this, so thank you again!