Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy New Year's

Well, the next two weeks were filled with love, family and friends over the holiday season. Though it was busy and a little exhausting I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

Throughout this time I had a follow up appointment with my family MD just to touch base and catch her up to date. I also had my flu shot and pneumonia shot to prevent me getting sick prior to starting treatments, and my first Leupron shot with the fertility doctor. I had a MUGA scan to determine the functioning of my heart, which will be monitored throughout my treatments due to the effects of chemo.

The beginning of a new year, it is a new season and it is a new life! Yesterday was a day of rest, resting the mind and body and attending mass to prepare for this new life ahead of me. Not a new life filled with the word cancer, but a new life filled and created as this journey takes place.

Attila and I ~ Happy New Year's
Our family photo of friends!

This week I had a chest CT scan as part of the preliminary testing for the possible study. Today (January 5, 2009) I had a doctor's appointment which was more prelim requirements for the study, I will find out this afternoon if I have been selected. The appointment consisted of follow up with Dr. Alam, more history with the clinical researcher; picking up all my drugs, prescription for my wig, BW, and my first EKG (weird being a patient in cardiopulmonary since I work in cardiac). To let you know all results came back normal, great news! During my visit, the discussion of my previous diagnosis of ovarian cancer came up. The clinic here stated that I did not have ovarian cancer, which I am still confused about since that is how London diagnosed me two years ago. I know I was not diagnosed with the “typical” type of ovarian cancer but was still diagnosed and being followed by London for this. I questioned as to what report they had, and apparently, they only had my report from having the ovarian cyst removed and did not have my final pathology report from London after having my ovary and tube removed. Therefore, the clinical researcher stated that she would have to get this report, fax it to Germany for them to decide if I am able to take part in the study as it stated that you could not have a previous cancer diagnosis. Well, long story short, I was kicked out of the study due to the previous diagnosis. I had mixed emotions and I believe everything happens for a reason and so did this. The study has not shown to be effective for breast cancer yet; obviously, this is the purpose of the study so I think if I would have known for sure that this medication was beneficial for this type of breast cancer I may have been more upset. In addition, as mentioned before I would have been on the medication for a year, including constant testing, blood work and waiting three months following the end of treatment before having my reconstruction. All of this would have taken me into the spring of 2010. The clinic felt bad for putting me through all the testing to just be booted but I explained it was fine and I ended up having additional tests that would have not normally been performed.

The next day I had my port inserted. I was scheduled for admissions at 7:00 am and surgery at 9:00am. I got into x-ray around 9:30ish and was given a sedative. Little did I realize that a sedative does not mean they will be knocking you out! I took one look at the clock as a sheet (my head tilted to the right so the port insertion was on the left chest wall) was covering my face and it was 9:45 am. Since it was only sedation, you guessed it; I was awake for the whole thing and could feel and hear everything. It was a little uncomfortable at the beginning, then the nurse lifted up the sheet, and I said "hello, yes still feeling things", she then decided to give me some more drugs (I was still present though). The sheet came off and it was 10:05, damn 20 minutes that was it. Off to recovery I went for 2hrs and off home. It is hard to explain but you can literally feel it running through my subclavian vein, which is weird, overall it will be my “saving grace” for treatments! I have added my actual x-ray of my port for everyone to see, it is somewhat neat!

Tomorrow..... my treatments begin!

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