Monday, February 16, 2009

The days leading to my 32nd b-day!

January 15th ~ Today was my first blood work appointment to check my blood count levels. I tried to build myself up as I am finding the hardest aspect of all of this is the testing and needles. I was building myself up for nothing, nice and easy, and out in 10minutes. The lab is to call if there are any concerns regarding the levels so if there are no issues I will hear something by mid afternoon or tomorrow.

Following my blood work, Attila and I spent the morning together and went out for lunch. I was able to squeeze in an energy healing appointment as I have started to find that I am carrying a lot of tension in my shoulders and these headaches are not really getting any better. For an hour session, the involvement consisted of any energies, souls, etc. that she would call upon for healing and any that I would call upon myself. There is also the use of hot stones placed on my body at all the energy points. Your focus during the treatment is positive thoughts, without positive thoughts we cannot have positive energy that surrounds us. I was to imagine that I had corks in the bottom of my feet and as the healing energy came in, it filled my body and continued to rise and remain circulating throughout me. Another main aspect of this therapy is the breath, without our breath, we have nothing – so true! Well, from the years of yoga and deep breathing the energy around me informed me that my breath is very intense and has so much healing power of its own. Therefore, everything I need or we need is always within us! I plan to continue with the energy work treatments on a regular basis throughout this recovery.

January 16th ~ Today, I have an appointment for the removal of my bandage and stitch from my port. I had the same nurse who helped prep me for the insertion and she stated that I healed very well and was amazed at how well it looked. It is so funny to think that when you look at yourself and you see the rash that you broke out in due to the bandage, the other scare that is present, and the bruising, that anything can look amazing but I guess from a professional’s point of view, the scare did look good. Well, one more thing marked off my list of things to do for this journey, and now I can finally take a real shower instead of a sponge bath that I have been taking for the past 10 days.

I cannot explain it but since my mastectomy, I feel like there is this stench coming off me. First, I thought it was the bandage, and then the scares healing, then my St. Joseph healing oils I was using, then it disappeared. Not for too long, it come back again after my port insertion, so I am determined to narrow this thing down and I believe it is just an odour that is coming from the healing of my scares. Apparently, no one else can smell it (thank goodness) but it has come to the point that I smell it and I gag. I know this is gross and no one probably wants to hear about it but it is a part of what I am experiencing. I hope that I will get down to the bottom of it and solve the mystery. I also have not heard anything from the clinic so I am assuming that my blood counts are good.

After my appointment, I just did some things around the house as I am starting to feel better. I do still need to remember to not overdue it, as I am not really napping anymore and I can feel the fatigue starting to catch up to me. Attila and I went out for what was supposed to be an early dinner, it is so nice to finally get out of the house and get some fresh air. After eating way too much we came home and I took an aromatherapy bath, gave myself a mini manicure and pedicure – hey a girl’s needs to look good still! After all, of this I was exhausted and decided to join Attila in his nap. Following our nap, Valentina and John invited us over for our traditional crab leg dinner in celebration for my birthday. We alternate houses for dinner and it is always crab legs – YUMMY! The night was filled with great food, birthday cake, lots and lots of laughter, and my first Kate Spade “hat” (haven’t lost any hair yet) and my sexy fire engine red going out purse for when I am feeling better! On the other hand, as John likes to call it my ninja star purse. Thanks for an amazing night!

Saturday January 17th ~ Well, today I am feeling the fatigue as we failed to realize last night that we stayed up until 2:00 a.m.! Today, I am returning to normal by going to have my eyebrows waxed, again I might as well keep doing anything related to hair until I start loosing it, IF I loose it! After my appointment, my mom and I went to Delicate Touch that specializes in fitting women for mastectomy bras and prosthetics. At first I just wanted to do the ugly bra shopping (believe me these bras are nothing to look at) to see what they had, and then decided since I am here already and I am feeling good I might as well get everything that is needed. In the end, you can say I bought my “boobs” and two bras and I do not look that bad! I had better look great in them for the grand total of $996! I wish I had a camera when I told Attila the cost, thank goodness for health benefits.

The rest of the day, I napped and visited with my friend, Wallie who also is my Mary Kay supplier. It is nice to have door-to-door service for all of your make-up emergencies. My best friend Sheldon came by for a visit and Attila made dinner and we ate the leftover birthday cake and then chilled and watched a movie. Throughout the day, a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at the house from my loving husband for my birthday, thank you hunny I LOVE YOU!

Tomorrow, my 32nd birthday!

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great! What stands out the most for me is ATTITUDE - Attitude is everything! Surround yourself with people, movies, books, situations and everything else that is positive. Don't be afraid to be selfish - do what YOU need to do.