Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I promise these e-mails will get shorter as I am catching up to present time.

Monday January 19th ~ I followed up with my juicing routine today and started the day off with a carrot, apple, and pear juice for breakfast followed by black cherry juice for a snack. Not sure if this is why my energy levels feel better today or not, we shall find out as the days go by.

Today I had my “Look Good Feel Better” program for women with cancer. From everyone I have spoken with who have been diagnosed stated that it was the one program that I should attend. My friend Stacy and I decided to go for lunch first and then to the cancer clinic for the program. Looking back on the day, I completely understand how this program can do wonders for women with cancer and their self-esteem. The program consisted of teaching us proper skin care, make-up application, sanitary issues regarding our make-up, purchasing wigs, hats, and making wraps for our head. However, I do know most of the skin care and make-up application there were still interesting points made regarding bacteria, which is a concern when your system is at a low. The one benefit of having cancer is that you get to attend this and get a whack load of make-up, skin care and lotions all donated by various companies such as MAC, Mary-K, Clinique, Channel, etc., the package probably costs close to $200+. Well for those who know me you could image how excited I was with all these new products. Following the program I visited with a friend who I have lost contact with who also works at the hospital who just found out that day from her husband that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of calling and explaining everything, I felt that her seeing me might put her at ease. It is always better to see someone’s face to see that they are ok, than to just chat on the phone sometimes.

Upon returning home, I rested for a couple hours and decided that today would be the day to return to my yoga practice. I have downloaded audio yoga practices to my new iPod, and began my “Long, Slow & Deep” practice that runs for two hours. Yes, I managed to do a two-hour yoga practice; this practice focuses on the lower body (hip opening) and holding each position for at least 2-3 minutes and is all performed lying down. Let me tell you, I felt amazing afterwards, it was great to move my body again even though I was shaking like a leaf in every position – I have lost so much strength and flexibility. My friend and yoga instructor Gina stopped in later for a visit and surprised me with a new environmentally friendly yoga mat and a bag/purse from her studio.

Tuesday January 20th ~ I drove for the first time in two weeks! Like me, I decided to wait until the last minute to have my sticker changed and emissions test performed so that was our morning along with having Attila’s windshield replaced as his wiper broke off and cracked his window.

My co-worker stopped in for a visit and lunch, as she is currently off for the start of her maternity leave and is ready to hatch at any moment. The rest of the day, I cleaned and watched Obama’s inauguration with Attila. I slept like a baby because I have a feeling I over did it with the cleaning considering I had to take a nap at 6:00 pm.
Just a little note I have taken from one of Obama’s speeches that I will carry with me throughout this journey is “Fire it up, ready to go!” In addition, “Yes we can!” Bring it on and let us kick this cancer flat on its ass!

Thursday January 22nd ~ Woke up early and Atti dropped me off for my bloodwork, and then walked over to Attila’s dentist as he had an appointment also (just three blocks away), it was nice to get into some of that fresh air. The rest of the morning, we went and got groceries for the week, came home and had lunch together, and then took a nap together before Atti went off to work. It is starting to sound like I have a real hard life! One thing that we all wish to go away and never happen is the fact of loosing your hair; well I did notice it is starting to fall out. I know this is going to happen eventually, I keep finding these little strands of hair everywhere, and it just falls out.

Friday January 23rd ~ The plan for today was housework since I am feeling better. I was mostly focusing on vacuuming and dusting since the previous day, I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. It is amazing at how little you can do and become exhausted.

I received a phone call stating that my white blood cell counts were down so this compromises my immune system; therefore, I need to be more cautious of catching a cold, flu, etc. They also wanted to start me on a new medication called Neulasta, which helps the bone marrow by increasing your white blood cell count so that you can continue to receive treatments. Therefore, I will receive this shot every cycle, (21 days), and it only costs $2622.75, no big deal! Thank goodness I am covered, this means that every month I will be spending approximately $4000 on medications. Another reason why I am using my credit card is that after all of this and collecting air miles, we are going on vacation!

I went for another healing treatment, reiki therapy (please see to find out more information). It was another amazing treatment, and again I have all the healing power I need in my breath and that it is very powerful was the message sent. There are a few hidden issues within some of my energy points and over time will need some more healing. I also selected an archangel card to reflect on, which was Archangel Azrael who assists those working through these important life lessons, helping to release and heal the pain of unforgiveness, guilt, anger and regret, so that they may find peace, and grow and ascend through the process. Following this treatment, I needed a nap, as I was fatigued.

The rest of the night was great, my cousin David, Sheldon, Attila, Amy and Amy came over, ate Chinese food, and had our movie night. During our festivities, I received a phone call from my cousin Glenn and we had ourselves a great chat. I love that I am talking and seeing my family more often.

January 24th ~ As I stated my hair has started to fall out, well that is exactly what it is doing, falling. I decided I was going to sit in front of the mirror for an hour and brush my hair out with my comb and hands. I know it is only hair, but I LOVED my hair, and I know it will grow back. As strong, as I have been through all of this it is still hard to see your own hair falling especially when it comes out in large amounts. I decided to have a little fun with it and give myself some bangs to see what I would look like for a different hairstyle for when it grows back in. Words cannot really describe what you are feeling. I finished and took a much-needed nap for three hours, and then woke up and continued with my cleaning which also helps to clear the mind. Later, Attila massaged my back as I am still having trouble on my right side where they removed the lymph nodes, and tension in my shoulders. He gives the best massages and I am grateful to have him to help my body through this journey.

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