Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long Week!

Let's start on a good note....

Monday I went for my last Leurpon shot that will take me till the end of my treatments and I do not have to return to see the fertility doctor till August. So... if this shot does what it is supposed to which was put me into temporary menopause to protect my one ovary then things should return to normal following treatments. Let's pray! I have attached a photo of the needle as well as a picture of my final shot. Each shot cost $400 which I was going monthly for and this last one cost $1600 as it is a longer acting one. Crazy!!!

Today after a long 1 1/2hour Epsom salt bath... thanks for the suggestion cuz! I am feeling a bit better and able to write about this week that I have fallen off the face of the earth!

Not much has happened since my treatment last week (Thursday). Usually after 4-5 days I can feel myself coming around but this time its been 8 days (as your treatment day is counted as day 1) and I am just starting to come around. This was sort of upsetting for me and took a toll as I felt that I wanted to come out of this earlier than the last treatment because I felt I was "in it" too long. You can feel it taking a toll on your body and you do not want to feel this way so you try everything in your power not to but your body is fighting itself and all you can do is give in and give up the fight. I can say this treatment has been the hardest so far and has sent me to a place that you feel you need to crawl back out of. I realize that I need time to recover after each treatment and I need to stop fighting the symptoms and accept that there will be easy and hard times. I think its the fight to get out of this place as fast as you can that is the hardest, especially when you have no control!

Some reasons why I think it has taken so long to recover is that maybe week after week the effects just keep piling on top of eachother or the fact that I have been getting the maximum dosage of chemo for the past three treatments and that's all my body can handle, or another wonderful thing about treatments is its internal effects if you know what I mean. There is no greater feeling than having max dosages of chemo drugs, medications, and constipation issues all at once ...... it's like a witches brew just churning (sorry to much info). It literally makes you feel like crap!!! Oh, and to add to this some real raging hot flashes!

All in all, I apologize for my complaints of this treatment and I am feeling better today and getting my fighting energy back!


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  1. I can't believe you're actually apologizing for complaining (Oh yes I can - it's Sasha!)
    Most anyone else I know would have been whining and feeling very sorry for themselves -but God bless you -you are an inspiration to us all!