Sunday, February 1, 2009

Part II

Following our trip to DC, which was amazing I returned to work and to my first nuclear medicine test to screen for metastatic disease. The first test was a bone scan, which is a test to determine if there are any signs of cancer in the bones. The technician injected me with a radioactive agent into my vein, I was then told to return in four hours so that the agent could travel through my blood stream, at which point I returned and was placed under a large x-ray machine that whirled around me and took pictures of my bones. Between the initial parts of the bone scan test and returning, I went to have a chest x-ray to see in there was any cancer in the lungs.
On a side note that weekend was our church blessing and one year anniversary. What a way to enjoy the weekend prior to going in for surgery. It was great to have the whole family and friends together to celebrate again in our very special day. I would not have wanted it any other way!

The day of our anniversary, I had an abdominal ultrasound. You do not know what they are looking at and you just keep wondering whether that object should be there. The rest of the night we just chill as my surgery was the next day, I am sure I did some crying and sobbing and Attila had to calm me down but I am unsure.

November 18th ~ Rise and shine, surgery day, need to arrive at 6:15am to admitting. Once everything was taken care of we went to day surgery (yes day surgery), checked in and they performed routine tests, BP, heart rate, get your IV started, etc. It was nice to see a familiar face as Dr. Wilson came up for a visit to wish me luck and let me know that everything would be OK. Into the elevator, we went my mom and dad, Attila and our friend Stacy. Only one person could come with you. Being a family with Attila now, it was hard to decide who I wanted, my mom because she is my mom and can relate to what I am going through or my husband who is my family. I asked Attila to come with me, as I knew he would calm me down and bring some humour to the situation, which he did. No offence mom, I would have loved to have you there also! Dr. Heartwell, the surgeon arrived at 7:45 a.m. came in and marked up my chest with some letters as I was having a partial and a full mastectomy, and then 8:00 a.m. I kissed Attila good-bye and off to the operating room I went. Cannot say I remember too much of this part except that the anesthesiologist came in and everyone was asking how he was feeling. I said in my head, he better be feeling damn good because he is about to knock me out. I remember telling me that they were administering the drug and if I could feel anything, and I said “no”. It must have shocked them so they brought it up more and after a minute, I was finally out. Well for those of you who have ever had major surgery, morphine is the greatest drug. Not sure how many shots they gave me but everytime I complained of pain I received one it was great! Up to recovery I went, and I hung out for a couple of hours until the CCAC nurse came in and gave me the run down of how to drain my tubes, medications, and home care. Little did I notice that when he went to show us how to drain the tubes, Attila suddenly disappeared? I found out later that he got a little squeamish and had to leave the room, but regained himself and returned. I was out of the hospital by 2:00 p.m., they were not joking when the said day surgery, in and out! Off to home to begin my recovery!

I received an e-mail from my cousin’s in Iowa that Attila had informed me about prior to going into surgery. I was sad to have not seen it prior but upon returning home, Attila brought a smile to my face by putting it as my background for my computer. I love you too!

Real time: Superbowl Sunday has turned into Super-couch Sunday for me! Just going through the motions today, and kind of in a daze or as the nurses would state "I have chemo brain"! Off to bed, I hope everyone had a great game!

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