Monday, February 2, 2009

Post Op Week!

November 24th, 2008 - I had to go for a CT scan of my abdominal area as the ultrasound they performed was not clear and they wanted to be safe and perform this test as well. Last night I had to drink a mixture of hell knows what, 500ml of something that was lighter than milk of magnesia. The stuff did not stay down to easy, there was a lot of gagging, and no food or drink allowed after.

In the morning off to HDGH for my scan, which then I had to drink another 500 ml before the test. I impressed the receptionist by how fast I drank it, little did she know I had to run to the bathroom to gag and rinse my mouth. They prepared me for the injection for the CT scan and could not get any of my veins; apparently, they are too small right now and jabbed me in two different locations. Once ready, they tried to run saline through it and I started screaming because it hurt so badly. I can take pain but this was awful. They decided to try again and the same thing happened, so they removed it and jabbed me in another location. Atleast this time it worked. They performed the CT scan, injected a dye that heats your whole body and makes you feel like you are wetting your pants, you do not but I had to double check afterwards.
Off to Dr. Heartwell's office now! Dr. Heartwell said the tubes could come out which was great news! Little did she know that I had just taken two pain pills to help because as soon as she told me they could come out, she literally ripped them out!!! No joke! Then came the bandage, she was not easy with that either, she slowly started to peel it away from my skin and then yank! Off came the bandage, oh and she forgot the little bandages over the stitches, rip! Those came off and then she asked me if I was ok!!!! I stayed tough took a deep breath and said yes I am ok! I really wanted to ask her what she thought! I asked about my results, she said the bone scan, and chest x-ray both came back negative so that was awesome to hear. My pathology report was not back so I proceeded to walk out of the office lopsided because the drugs had started to kick in to book a follow-up appointment.

Tuesday and Wednesday ~ were kind of down days! Everything from pain, self-pity, not being able to shower on my own, to I can't reach a drinking glass, to how come I am not recovering faster bothered me and I broke down several times. The recovery overall is good but I am having my days which I am allowed were it just seems like everything is piling on my shoulders. My left arm is coming along good but my right is still painful and to the point sometimes that when I force myself to do my exercises I get nauseated and then get discouraged and then possibly start crying. There is a lot of releasing going on these days!

Thursday ~ was good, I had the chance to get my hair washed after a week (I know yuk!) and blow dried, so that felt good. Then I had a couple visitors, Stephanie brought food, Diletta stopped in with a gift package and then Sheldon stopped in to hang out with me as he has a broken hand - so we were two cripples around the house trying to get something to drink, eat, etc. until my mom came back.

Friday ~ Was good, I did some more exercises, and managed to go for a car ride with my mom to bring Jasper to the vets for a check up.

That was my post op week in review!

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  1. Forward from a dear friend:
    Sasha thank you for allowing me to part of your journey, i feel this is an honour as well as a prevledge to be part of this in your life. i can personnally say to you that you are a huge inspiration to me. you have been through my journey and have given me the strength to contiue on even those days when i came in to do my excercises and you knew i was not right but brought that sunshine through the clouds to make it bright.
    i can honestly say you have touched thousands of lives in your career as well as outside of it. I am one person that will be there when needed day or night as well as follow your journey. i thank you for allowing me the travel your recovery with you.