Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sneaky, sneaky!

I have to say this treatment snuck up on me later than normal.

From the previous two treatments as I mentioned they gave me severe sinus pressure headaches, so far I nipped one in the butt today and have not had any pressure at all.

Throughout all of this I still have not had any nausea or vomiting (thank you). Yesterday I had a little wave of it while at the clinic waiting for my Neulasta shot but it was settled with a couple of crackers. I am convinced that these little waves that I receive are due to hunger, which most people would find weird considering you would think that I would have a lack of an appetite. Those who know me well know that I have a great appetite and it hasn't decreased since the treatments which I am sure is helpful for my recovery.

Today was a blah feeling day, and I mostly slept, relaxed, and answered some e-mails. As I mentioned I had to go to the clinic yesterday for my Neulasta shot which I receive the day after treatment to help maintain my white blood cell count. The main side effect of this shot is severe bone pain (works on your bone marrow) which mostly effects your larger bones therefore my pelvic area down to my knees. So... you can imagine there was not a lot of moving going on today!

When comparing all three treatments together I would say the middle one was the worst as it left me feeling "right out of it" for at least 5 days. Words can not express how I felt, it was just a daze and my head was so fuzzy! As I am told I have "chemo brain"!

It is hard to believe that this part of my journey is half way done! I only pray that the last three go as well as these have.

Here are some updated pictures since going bald! Enjoy!

Bald is beautiful! Watch out Demi and Sinead, here I come!

My 8-ball crew! There are still more to join (my mom and hubby)! Pics coming soon!

Me and my bff Sheldon! Thumbs up!

Pics from the Cardiac Wellness Fashion Show where I work. It was awesome to still be a part of it this year! Thank you guys!

Me and my girl Gina, and my hubby Atti!

Gina, Heidi, Valentina, & I (my girls!)

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