Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Treatment #1 and the days that followed

Started off by taking my 2 anti-nausea medications upon arrival to the clinic, and then 3 prednisone when I got settled into my chair. I also asked my nurse if it would be all right to take an Ativan since I think my nerves were kicking in from the unexpected. My nurse prepped my port and then in came a deep breath and then an exhale and pop went the needle into my port (not bad at all), kind of like a thumbtack insertion. Next, was the saline flush as we waited for the colourful bag of drugs the pharmacy was preparing? They started by giving me fluids and I must have been so relaxed that I didn't even realize the nurse had switched over from the fluids to my first set of meds called Epirubicin which are 5 huge syringes filled with red fluid that also turns your urine red. Next was my 5 FU, and lastly my CYCLO and then I was done ~ 2.5 hrs.

I also had the chance to meet with another social worker who set me up for the “Feel Good Look Better” program, and also provided me with many other holistic options. I also had the chance to hang out with Jeff (my best friends brother-in-law) for a bit, which was nice to see a familiar face. We had a good chat and he filled me in on some pointers!

The rest of the day went good, that is as good as expected. My urine went back to normal around 2:30 p.m.; I only took my scheduled meds that were not until nighttime and Tylenol because of bad sinus pressure/headaches that were one of the side effects from the CYCLO. Can't remember what one of the drugs gave me my other side effects, could have been all of them but to explain, its like when you have a really bad flu but just experiencing the body aches and joint pains. I stayed up most of the day watching movies with my mom and napped for a couple hours and that was that for survival of day one!

The days that followed.......
January 9th ~ Today feeling good, sinus headaches are still present, body aches are mostly in the hip area instead of the completely lower body, but again no nausea - I have knocked on wood many times and counted my blessings for feeling good. The other day I was thirsty as anything, and could not get enough cold fluids into my body. Today, the thirst has decreased and instead of drinking ~ 5L like yesterday, today was only around 3L. One of the well-known side effects of course is fatigue and I feel it starting to kick in. Just taking it day by day because I know these symptoms can worsen at any moment. Still no nausea or vomiting – YEAH!

January 10th ~ I have had a decrease in sinus pressure and headaches, but a symptom that is coming along with this is sensitivity to light and sound. Every little sound seems intensified 10 x and I am mostly sitting in the dark due to it being so bright and beautiful outside. My body aches seem to have decreased, which is a nice feeling. To say the least, I am doing pretty well, again as good as can be! Though these other symptoms have subsided, let me tell you the fatigue today has set in full force. I barely make it two hrs without having to lie down and take a 2-3hr nap, but my body is telling me I need the rest so I am not going to fight it. My mom has been great and helping to keep the house clean and disinfected along with doing our grocery shopping. I have sent Attila out many times at the last minute to get things I needed right away and he has been great too!

January 11th, 2008~ Well, woke up at 5:00 am today, I know my one med can cause insomnia and even though taking it early afternoon is supposed to decrease the occurrence and then the Ativan at night to counterbalance it, well at least I am still getting 7-8hrs of sleep at night. So, I woke up went back to bed and laid there as my stomach started to get a little nauseous so I decided to have a banana and try to get some more rest. I laid in bed for the next three hours resting and finally got up and had breakfast and my meds at 9:00 a.m. It is nice to sit around the house in silence sipping on my morning tea — I can finally appreciate this. Today, I am feeling better, I did have some sinus pressure earlier today but it seems to have subsided. I am more alert, and have made it to lunchtime without needing a nap yet! Well, 3:00 p.m. came around when I took a two hour nap that was followed by a call with my peer support volunteer (she calls every two to three weeks to chat), as well as my first visitor ~ Amy. To say the least, you would not think that entertaining by sitting on the couch, chatting and watching TV would tire someone out, but it does! Attila and Amy were great and got dinner ready for us, as we watched a movie and I proceeded to dose in and out of sleep. The one thing with feeling like this is that you have no shame in falling asleep at anytime, but then again did I ever.

Sorry the posts are so long right now but they will start to shorten as I am coming closer to real-time. Thanks again to all of you for reading.

Take care,

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