Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 years ago today!

Well.... three years ago today is the day that my health started to change.

Today was the day that I ended up back in emerg after an ultrasound that showed something on my ovary and before I could completely grasp what was going on I was being prepped and on the operating table getting ready to have an ovarian cyst removed that was chocking my ovary. The surgeon removed the cyst that had drown to almost 9-10cm and had wrapped up and around my tube to my ovary, hence why I had no protrusion in my abdominal area. I later came to find out that the it was called a dermoid cyst which contains many different types of cells. They arise from a single cell that has the potential to become anything in the body. They are often filled with a greasy, thick fluid and may contain hair, cartilage and even well-formed teeth, sweat glands, thyroid tissue and muscle fibers may also be found. Mine had everything from skin, teeth, respiratory tissue, hair, and Wilm's tumor which is a kidney cancer that occurs in children. Red flag!!!! I was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer, immature teratoma grade I.

I guess this is where my journey actually began!

Back to the present moment... I am feeling pretty good, managed to go to the gym to do some walking yesterday, and plan on doing my home workout today. Building strength and power to get ready for #5!

Yesterday we went out dinner as it was my mom's b-day so happy birthday to my mom who is the greatest! She is a huge pillar in my life and an inspiration and of course someone I look up to!

Me and my Mommy!

I also had the chance to get out and visit yesterday so I spent the afternoon with my goddaughter on her two week birthday as I hadn't seen her since the day after she was born due to how I was feeling from my treatments. So... here are some pics to enjoy!

Day after she was born - following my 4th treatment.

Her first Paparazzi picture - please not pictures at this moment!

Hallie and her Kuma Sasha! - I think she likes me :)

As well, here are some pictures from the weekend from my godson Blake's 2nd birthday!

100 balls of fun! I know Attila and Blake enjoyed it but not sure about my cousins Chris and Michele - just kidding!

And.... I couldn't leave out my other beautiful goddaughter Grace!

To all my godchildren, I love you with all my heart!


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  1. Hello Sasha
    The girls all say hello and they miss you. Grace loved seeing her picture with you. Please forward us a copy. We think about you and pray for you daily. Your blogs are a constant inspiration to keep going and smiling no matter what the day brings. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.
    With LOVE, The Lazarus Family