Sunday, March 8, 2009

Burn baby burn!!!

Well I am getting ready to head into a long week filled with doctor's appointments and my 4th treatment! By the end of this week I will have made it up and over the hump and heading in for a home run.

Now that this part of my treatments are done, lets just refresh what it is that these chemo drugs were supposed to do. Cyclophosphamide - given through IV was the one that turned my urine red is used in primary therapy and metastatic disease. 5-Fluorouracil - given through IV and is also used in primary and metastatic disease and its actions are to prevent DNA and RNA synthesis. Lastly, Epirubicin - given through IV and is also used in primary therapy and metastatic disease and its actions are to inhibit DNA synthesis.

These chemo drugs all had many common side effects (too many to name), most common ones being nausea, vomiting, mouth sores, hair loss, etc. The side effects I experienced from these drugs were the obvious, fatigue, weakness, decreased white blood cell count (reason why I am taking the Neulasta shot every cycle) and hair loss; my eyebrows and lashes have only thinned and I still have to shave my legs once every week or week and half, and I have this new peach fuzz growing on my head now to. Some other side effects were easy bruising, darkened nail beds, heartburn, red spots on my face (gone), sore throat (gone), and constipation. I am so thankful that throughout all of this I did not have any nausea or vomiting and my appetite was still very well present :)

All in all when I look back at these past few months I must say that yes there were some struggles with feeling crappy and blah, but it was not that bad. I am so thankful and grateful for how these three treatments have gone that I only pray that the following three are the same. So...... I am saying so long to these past three drugs who have been my friends, I hope you did what you came out to do but it is time to say farwell and bring on the new guy so that I can kick his ass too!

Hope you enjoy the pics!



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  1. Hi Sasha,

    I am a friend of Jeff's and went through the FEC-D regimen last year at this time (actually yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my last chemo - woohoo!) I assume you are going to be doing Docetaxol for the next 3 rounds? If so, you will likely experience horrible bone and joint pain (it was crippling) It begins about a day after the steroids wear off. I highly suggest a drug called Tramacet - it was a godsend! I used T3s for my first round of Docetaxol but it barely touched the pain. My friend Wendi (and fellow survivor/mentor) told me about Tramacet and it made a huge difference for the last two rounds. For some reason, they don't offer it to you and you have to ask for it - I am so glad that I did!

    Good luck with the rest of treatment - you are shining star!

    Viva La Cure!