Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exercise, exercise, exercise

This week has been going very well and has been filled with energy until I overdue it and then need a nap:) My goal this week was to start doing some sort of exercise everyday for ~ 20mins.

Well, Monday I all ready fell off the bandwagon and didn't do any exercising but I did vacuum the whole house and finish my cleaning.

Tuesday, was a great day in general and we had company over for afternoon tea which was filled with lots of love, laughs, and great conversation. Later that night after a nap I began my home exercise routine consisting of hand weight exercises and ball exercises. Since I have not really moved in a physical way for the past three months except for a couple of yoga sessions my body was feeling it and I was shaking like a leaf. It is amazing at how fast you loose your strength and ability to perform certain activities. The one thing though is that it felt amazing to move my body again, and I am still feeling the walking lunges and squats today!

Wednesday, I had planned to do a few things around the house and some errands but I didn't manage to do anything except for leaving the house at 7:00 pm for our fashion show meeting. To say the least everything I wanted to get done ..... I didn't, my body was telling me to just sit and relax but I did manage to ride our bike at home for 15mins!

Today, was a pamper me day! I figured since I have made it to the half way point that I am going to treat myself and celebrate.... so, I went out for breakfast with my friend Amy and then we proceeded to go to the spa to have a facial. Let me tell you, it is exactly what I needed to just relax and feel good! The pampering doesn't stop here as I am going for a 30min massage tomorrow to help start break up some of this scare tissue building under my arms and the decrease the stiffness in my neck and chest, along with having some healing touch. I truly believe that all of these "alternative" forms of treatment are complimentary to ones recovery! As for exercise today, I managed to walk on the treadmill for 30mins.

I know the exercising does not sound like a lot but when you haven't moved in ages, one it is hard to get started again but once you do even doing 20 mins a day can be exhausting but so beneficial at the same time. I am proud of myself for my accomplishments this week, hopefully it will help to build up a little strength to get me ready for next weeks treatment.

P.S. Congrats Jeff! (in remission) YAAA HOOO!


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