Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The excitement is starting to set in for this next treatment, it must sound so weird but it is true. As this part of my journey draws to a close I am getting more and more excited, only 22 more days!

Yesterday I had the chance to visit with my co-worker Steph and the latest little bundle welcomed to the world Isabella. On our next visit I need to make sure I take some photos so that I can post them. Today I also had the chance for a short visit with Val, John and my goddaughter Hallie along with my mom.

Today was a busy day but couldn't have started off more perfect than starting with a massage as I have been wearing my shoulders as earring these past couple weeks. I had my exam with Dr. Alam which went great! Due to all the bone pain and inability to carry out my activities of daily living and even inability to walk the Dr. decided to try some new meds.

My last treatment they decided to extend my steroids to help with the pain and wouldn't issue me the medication I requested called Tramacet due to a codeine contraindication. After talking with Dr. Alam she explained to me that becoming nauseous and vomiting was not an allergic reaction to codeine and is something that is very common for some. Therefore, we decided to give the Tramacet a try which I am excited about due to hearing how well it has helped others. Another new med we are trying is Clonidine which in low doses is used to help with "hot flashes" due to being put into temporary menopause. Dr. Alam decided this after performing my exam and me having one of the worst hot flashes ever and having dripping sweat from my armpits and forehead! I am on it for two weeks to see if it will help, if not then we will try something else (not too embarrassing)!

Other news, I should be hearing from the radiation clinic towards my last treatment. I do not have to have another MUGA scan as Dr. Alam stated that if my regimen would have been 6 sessions of FEC which I had for my first three sessions then I would have had to of been more closely monitored with heart tests as it weakens the functioning of your heart. But... because my regimen changed there is no need for it. During my next exam my referral will go in to have my port removed port should be out with in 3-4 weeks after my treatments, which I was so happy about. I still will be having my Neulasta shot following my last treatment which I felt more comfortable knowing as opposed to having my own body try to bring up my white blood cell count. And lastly I had the pleasure of filling out disability forms and pension forms, etc this week to hand into the doctor. Paper work, paper work, more phone calls and paper work - its crazy!

Well, off to tackle my next treatment tomorrow!


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