Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

He is risen!

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope that it was filled with love and joy! I couldn't be a better time to be going through my journey and the first phase coming to an end so close to the Easter season. I have not been on this journey alone! It is by God's grace and helping hand that I have been able to be travel this journey. It is his strength that has allowed for my strength! This Easter season I am especially thankful!

My Easter weekend was great! It started off with Good Friday Mass followed by our traditional fish and chip dinner (yummy!). Also, a Happy Birthday goes out to my little cousin Benjamin! Saturday, I had a girls afternoon with Valentina, and then family dinner with Attila's cousins. Easter Sunday, I attending mass with my mom and then we had a girls afternoon with my mommy and went to the Fox to see Riverdance which was an amazing production! After that we had dinner back at home and I proceeded to the couch to try and re-coop from the weekend and all the food and dessert I ate :

Aside from a great weekend, I am feeling pretty good! All symptoms are gone (thank you) which is nice after only 1 1/2 weeks instead of the 14 day recovery from the previous treatment. I am still battling this running nose, congestion thing but it seems to slowly be disappearing.

I meet with the radiologist tomorrow instead of Thursday, so I am interested and ready to find out what the next game plan is. With each day I am getting more and more excited to be completing this phase of my journey!

10 days to go!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ben! Miss you and love you!


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