Friday, April 10, 2009

Last blog I stated that the pain was manageable and that I was taking my pain meds to help keep the pain level down. I started to space the time period between them on Wednesday to see if they pain was subsiding at all. I was starting to make it to 5hrs in between dosages.

As I stated I wanted to try and get some walking in so Wednesday I went to the gym and of course over did it by walking a really slow pace but for 60mins. I hadn't felt the best in the morning after taking my meds and needed to lie down again for another 1 1/2hrs before going and I don't think this mixed well. I think I did too much upon waking, making the bed, dishes, laundry, etc. It is so amazing how something that we think is so little activity can wear you out. Therefore, once I came home from the gym I needed something to eat immediately and then another nap... I know I over did it. So.... the rest of the night was just relaxing and trying to feel better which I did.

Thursday, I decided to not do as much in the morning as I had a healing touch session in the afternoon. This time around we tried some new techniques to bring my vibration levels up and to clean out my lymphatic system. One of my biggest excitements right now is knowing that all of this "stuff" is going to be out of my system soon, I can't wait till my body feels clean, detoxified, and back to normal. I have also been fighting this congestion since the change over in chemo drugs, therefore I have a constant running nose and now a cough.

So... for the first 20mins of the healing touch I felt like I was drunk, when you have drank too much and then lie down and get the funny spins and vibrations. I didn't realize what it was until Kim explained the techniques to me further once the season was complete. And then I just felt so relaxed and like my limbs were not part of my body. She also gave me a neti pot to start using to clean my sinuses, I have been meaning to get one for years and never have. To my cuz Chris... I agree, the neti pot rocks! This is the best I have been able to breathe in a long time and you feel so clean!

Following treatment Kim said that I would feel a little woozy and potentially sore due to the stirring up of everything and I possibly might have some weird dreams. Well, all of them occur ed! I was on the couch for about 2hrs napping and couldn't get up from it, once I did I went for a walk to stretch out and get things moving, came home had a bath, and then dreamed a very
bizarre dream.

Today, I feel much better! It is hard to explain but I just feel lighter, cleaner, and like I have some energy, hopefully out for another walk today. A much better feeling this time around than what I was experiencing the last treatment! Praying that I can continue feeling this way for the next two weeks!


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