Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visiting Bouncing Babies

Today was a great day!

I woke up to read e-mails and to my surprise received one from one of my dear friends Glorianna who moved away a couple of years ago to Yellowknife. I failed to realize that she phoned last night but let an interesting message that she was doing something for me? So.... upon opening my e-mail and realizing that in honour of me she has decided to walk the Weekend to End Breast Cancer which is a 60km in Alberta Aug. 8-9 and try to raise $2000 for breast cancer research. Let's just say it really hit home and I felt honoured. I would have loved for her to have been here for the boat races but this is awesome what she and her team are doing! So, thank you G for honouring me and being a dear friend it means more than you know! And I had to go to the gym with puffy eyes because of course after I read this I got all emotional and started crying :( Love you and miss you lots!!!

At the gym today it was a little harder than yesterday as I was a little sore from walking but I managed to do my 60mins on the treadmill again.

Following the gym I headed out to visit with Val and my goddaughter Hallie as we were going to pay a visit to my co-worker and friend in Leamington Steph and her little one Isabella the soon to be play mates. Unfortunately, when one was awake the other was sleeping and vice versa, but hey they got to meet each other!

After our visit I hung out with Val and Hallie for dinner and then came home and instead of waiting till tomorrow to do the rest of the house cleaning I decided to start vacuuming and dusting at 8:30 pm... well at least I got it all done. I like to head into each treatment with a clean house so that I don't have to worry about anything!

And that was my day! Surprises from afar, girl chat, spending time with friends, and watching these new little bundle of joys take in this world around us!

Hallie getting ready for the car ride to Leamington

Hallie and her Kuma Sasha

Hey Izzy wake up, I wanna play!


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