Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All gone!

I arrived at HDGH yesterday at 7:00 am to register and the procedure to remove my port was scheduled for 9:00 am. I was happy to hear that I would not need an intravenous lock put in as they would not be sedating me and that it would just be a local freezing. I had my vitals taken, BP, HR, temperature and blood work as standard procedure.

Around 9:00 am they wheeled me down to the radiology OR area and the procedure started around 9:15am. I was brought into one of the rooms and remained on the bed and they performed the procedure right there. The worst part was the freezing as it burned quite a bit and the fact that you are awake and alert for all of it,. There was lots of pulling and tugging which felt really weird and everything was going fine until the doctor stated that he poked himself with the needle while sewing me up. Great! So, he changed the needle and his gloves as it went through and then continued with the procedure. I was in recovery for about an hour and then I had to have more blood work drawn due to the incident. After all was said and done I was free to go home. I came home and slept for 3 hours and then got ready for my radiation appointment.

Everything is going well so far with radiation from my side of things, I was to have an appointment with Dr. Schneider but he had a teleconference so it was cancelled, therefore I will see him next week. The rest of my day was spent relaxing on the couch watching movies!

I am happy to say that I am excited to have my port out, it feels weird to not be able to feel it anymore. I asked to keep it but they stated that I couldn't, they even tried to find me an extra one but they didn't have any. Also, my nagging cough that I had following my chemo treatments has disappeared which I am also happy about. I have been tired lately and exhausted after treatments, but again I am not sure if it is due to my lack of sleep at night or the treatments.

Things are going well!


Friday, May 22, 2009

In Rememberance

A year ago yesterday on the 21st I experienced something else that no women wants to go through.... I lost our baby. I can't believe a year has passed since the miscarriage. It is an experience that is extremely hard to go through and your heart just aches.

Following the miscarriage, it took my hormone levels months to come back to normal and it wasn't until I went to London for my follow-up that someone seemed to start worrying why these levels were not returning to normal. Therefore, I was sent weekly for bloodwork to monitor these levels which returned to normal after approximately 3 months. That was a sigh of relief but..... shortly after that I noticed something odd, a lump in my breast. I thought it might have been related to all the hormone changes but in due time I realized that it wasn't.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and still healing from the miscarriage I realized that our little unborn child saved my life! I truly believe that if it wasn't for loosing the baby that I would either have been but in a position that could have threatened the baby's life or mine or would have noticed the lump and just passed it off as being related to pregnancy. As hard as it was to heal, we realized that this baby was a gift from God and even though she or he was given to us for a short period of time it was long enough to give me the gift of life!

To baby Fulop, we love you, we miss you, and we know you are looking down on us from heaven!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Radiation Day 2!

I started radiation yesterday and the whole process is pretty simple. For my first session they were running behind so there was about a 30 min delay which was better than the people before me who had been waiting 1 1/2 hrs. Today they were right on time!

The whole process takes anywhere between 20-30mins. They align me on the bed properly according to the tattoos on my skin and then the machine. Once everything is set up they begin, the machine swings around me to aim at my back to administer the first round then the technicians come back in make some more adjustments to the machine and then there is one round aimed at my right armpit and then another to the front part of my chest aimed on an angle from the left. Each time you here a humming noise of the machine gearing up and then this weird beeping, grinding odd sound which lasts about 30 secs which is the radiation part. And that is it, off the table and back again the following day. I also had blood work drawn today as Dr. Schneider wants a baseline and I will find out how everything is going on Monday when I meet with him after treatments.

Tomorrow, before treatment I meet with the dietitian as I had questions regarding antioxidants and radiation which I know can play an effect, Along with starting the Maker's Diet which is going very well, there are a couple of supplements that I take that are higher in antioxidants and I just want to be on the safe side and make sure if I should be taking them or not.

So far, so good..... 2 down 23 more to go!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Long Weekend

The weekend started off great as we had a wedding Saturday night at at Erie Shores Golf Course. It was great to hang out with friends and watch as two people join lives and begin their lives together. I had my exercise for the day on the dance floor as I danced to a few songs. As most of you know I love to dance and there were many nights you couldn't get me off the dance floor, Saturday night I need to take a break every couple songs and either stop for a minute or take a seat. But.... we still had fun!

Sunday we had my little cousin's first communion and then a family celebration afterwards. Again, a new beginning in life as she received the body and blood of Christ! It was a beautiful sunny afternoon that was shared the way it should be ..... with family! Later that day we visited John, Val, and Hallie and had a fun evening playing the Wii Fit and eating pizza!

My eating was going excellent last week, but obviously I tried my best over the weekend and did what I could but fell off. Again, everything in moderation and I have jumped right back on today! Along with eating healthier and having started some walking I am feeling good. Even though we had an amazing weekend I got a wake up call this morning saying that I over did it! I slept for 14hrs last night and didn't wake up till noon! I guess my body knows best..... still having a hard time listening to it!

Tomorrow, off to my first day of radiation!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


Thursday I managed to do some odds and ends around the house all day along with some house cleaning. The weather was perfect so I got outside for my first walk since finishing treatments. It is amazing how you stamina and energy are just depleted! While doing things around the house I found myself stopping between tasks and sitting on the couch or even lying on the floor for 10-15 mins. Your get up and go all day long got up and went!

Yesterday I had my pre-radiation trial which was a dry run of what will happen when I come in for treatments. Pretty much check in, get changed and what for the technician. Once they call you in they get you set up on the table and call out all different kinds of numbers which are the locations of my body position and my tattoos I believe so that they can make sure that Primus 1 or 2 (the machines) are targeting the correct location. Instead of giving me treatment during this sessions they took some x-rays again just to confirm that I was positioned properly. Whole thing took ~ 40 mins, but I arrived early as well so they said it should be about 30 mins with the treatment part only taking ~ 10mins.

I had some fun time today as well and had a visit with my friend Susan and went out to the show to see "Angels and Demons" which was excellent with Val and John.

I just wanted to share something to finish that I read today from my daily meditations that helps to answer the question of how do you do it, how can you be so strong? Written below answers that question and sums of my journey and who I am as a person.

To be alive means to experience difficulties, conflicts, challenges from many directions. What we do with adverse conditions both determines and is determined by who we are. Resistance, most of us have learned, heightens the adversity. Acceptance of the condition, trusting all the while the lesson it offers us is for our benefit, ensures that we'll "come out on top".


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Building energy!

To all the mother's, godmother's, step-mother's, and mentors I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. We had a quite homemade brunch by yours truly me!

I had another healing treatment which went awesome, I was so relaxed with out falling asleep, I think I dozed off once but came back to. There were times when I could feel that I was almost leaving myself, it was such a bizarre feeling. The treatment was to help improve my energy levels which it did afterwards but not that day, I came home and passed out!!! I also started the Maker's Diet on Monday which has been going really well and it feels so good to eat such fresh and natural food.

Tuesday, I had my radiation information session which covered basically all the information i already received from Dr. Schneider but I also found out some new info. First, the super antioxidant drink i have been taking I am no longer able to take during treatments as there is something with the antioxidants that interacts with the effectiveness of the radiation. Second, I am not allowed to be in chlorinated pools (so much for returning to swimming which I was planning) or hot tubs :(. Lastly, when outside in the sun I always have to have that area covered and for the rest of my life must always where sunscreen to that area. So, I did receive some good information from the class. I also had my last blood work for now to make sure my white blood cell counts were up.

Today, my energy levels were good and I was able to take my time dusting, washing, laundry, and cooking.... mind you it took me all day! I also attended a captain's meeting for the Dragon Boat Races and things are looking good and it should be an even bigger event than in the past with 100 teams. Stay tuned for some upcoming fundraisers, and come on out and show your support for our team "Fight Like A Girl"!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Leaf

Yesterday I attended one of our work fundraisers our 5K Path to a Better Heart, no I did not run! I have said that one of these days I would run it, it's been 8 years and I still haven't, maybe next year! It was a great success with ~ 450 runners that turned out to participate. I had the opportunity to see some co-workers and catch up and hang out with them.

Today, I went along for a ride to Novi with my friend Jasmine to the Better Health Market which was awesome, it would be nice if we could have an organic market here in Windsor. I have decided after a few suggestions to read the "Maker's Diet" and change my eating habits. Not that my eating was ever necessarily bad, I ate healthy but we always have our days where we eat too much or eat unhealthy food but everything in moderation. The basis behind this diet (which I can't even really call it that) is from the biblical times, what and how they ate. All the food is organic, natural, raw living organisms. The trip today to the market was to get the supplements they recommend. Therefore, I will be beginning on Monday and I am just trying to get everything ready and prepared so that I can start. I also made a couple of trips to our grocery stores to try and find as much organic fruits and veggies that I could. I also received a website for an organic farm out in the county from my cousin's Glenn and Patti which I am going to check out after this supply of food runs out.

Now that I am on my road to recovery from chemo and starting to get some exercise, it is time for me to take more control over what I put into my body. I am ready to feel 100% healthy again! It is time for me to balance everything.... the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of my body!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of you mom's out there including mine!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beginning Phase 2

Things have been getting better with each passing day! I started to come around over the weekend, it has been a little slower than what I thought it would be. I guess I was just hoping to feel better sooner but along with the final treatment also comes the recovery period. This recovery was odd compared to the others and I think it has just been an accumulation of all the drugs and chemo finally adding up.

Today was the first day that my internal issues have started to settle and my stomach felt a bit normal. I am still fighting this throat cough thing that is lingering. A side effect from these past three sessions have been a change in my mouth texture, sore throat and sinus/throat congestion. My mouth has returned to normal but there is still a lump in my throat and slight congestion which I hope will clear up over the week.

I also had my meeting with the radiation treatment team today. This appointment consisted of a CT scan to verify and set where they will be administering the radiation beams. This required me to lie on a hard as rock board, with my left hand under my butt and my right arm up over my head, not the most comfortable position and to say the least my arms fell asleep during the 30min holding position. They did a couple CT scans, moved me around, and drew all over me with marker to get the positioning of my body correct. Once they had me aligned properly some of the markings were turned into little tattoos, just small looking freckles by applying a dye and then pricking me with a needle. Therefore, when I am positioned for treatments they will be able to align my body properly each session to make sure the beams are aimed at the proper areas.

So.... this next phase is about to begin, I have an information session next week along with a trial run and my actual sessions will begin May 19th.

I had another great feeling today prior to leaving the cancer clinic when I gave some of my un-used meds back to the pharmacy for proper disposal. It feels so good to not have to take all the medications anymore, I just can't wait for a couple more weeks when my body realizes the same thing!