Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beginning Phase 2

Things have been getting better with each passing day! I started to come around over the weekend, it has been a little slower than what I thought it would be. I guess I was just hoping to feel better sooner but along with the final treatment also comes the recovery period. This recovery was odd compared to the others and I think it has just been an accumulation of all the drugs and chemo finally adding up.

Today was the first day that my internal issues have started to settle and my stomach felt a bit normal. I am still fighting this throat cough thing that is lingering. A side effect from these past three sessions have been a change in my mouth texture, sore throat and sinus/throat congestion. My mouth has returned to normal but there is still a lump in my throat and slight congestion which I hope will clear up over the week.

I also had my meeting with the radiation treatment team today. This appointment consisted of a CT scan to verify and set where they will be administering the radiation beams. This required me to lie on a hard as rock board, with my left hand under my butt and my right arm up over my head, not the most comfortable position and to say the least my arms fell asleep during the 30min holding position. They did a couple CT scans, moved me around, and drew all over me with marker to get the positioning of my body correct. Once they had me aligned properly some of the markings were turned into little tattoos, just small looking freckles by applying a dye and then pricking me with a needle. Therefore, when I am positioned for treatments they will be able to align my body properly each session to make sure the beams are aimed at the proper areas.

So.... this next phase is about to begin, I have an information session next week along with a trial run and my actual sessions will begin May 19th.

I had another great feeling today prior to leaving the cancer clinic when I gave some of my un-used meds back to the pharmacy for proper disposal. It feels so good to not have to take all the medications anymore, I just can't wait for a couple more weeks when my body realizes the same thing!


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