Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Building energy!

To all the mother's, godmother's, step-mother's, and mentors I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. We had a quite homemade brunch by yours truly me!

I had another healing treatment which went awesome, I was so relaxed with out falling asleep, I think I dozed off once but came back to. There were times when I could feel that I was almost leaving myself, it was such a bizarre feeling. The treatment was to help improve my energy levels which it did afterwards but not that day, I came home and passed out!!! I also started the Maker's Diet on Monday which has been going really well and it feels so good to eat such fresh and natural food.

Tuesday, I had my radiation information session which covered basically all the information i already received from Dr. Schneider but I also found out some new info. First, the super antioxidant drink i have been taking I am no longer able to take during treatments as there is something with the antioxidants that interacts with the effectiveness of the radiation. Second, I am not allowed to be in chlorinated pools (so much for returning to swimming which I was planning) or hot tubs :(. Lastly, when outside in the sun I always have to have that area covered and for the rest of my life must always where sunscreen to that area. So, I did receive some good information from the class. I also had my last blood work for now to make sure my white blood cell counts were up.

Today, my energy levels were good and I was able to take my time dusting, washing, laundry, and cooking.... mind you it took me all day! I also attended a captain's meeting for the Dragon Boat Races and things are looking good and it should be an even bigger event than in the past with 100 teams. Stay tuned for some upcoming fundraisers, and come on out and show your support for our team "Fight Like A Girl"!


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