Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Long Weekend

The weekend started off great as we had a wedding Saturday night at at Erie Shores Golf Course. It was great to hang out with friends and watch as two people join lives and begin their lives together. I had my exercise for the day on the dance floor as I danced to a few songs. As most of you know I love to dance and there were many nights you couldn't get me off the dance floor, Saturday night I need to take a break every couple songs and either stop for a minute or take a seat. But.... we still had fun!

Sunday we had my little cousin's first communion and then a family celebration afterwards. Again, a new beginning in life as she received the body and blood of Christ! It was a beautiful sunny afternoon that was shared the way it should be ..... with family! Later that day we visited John, Val, and Hallie and had a fun evening playing the Wii Fit and eating pizza!

My eating was going excellent last week, but obviously I tried my best over the weekend and did what I could but fell off. Again, everything in moderation and I have jumped right back on today! Along with eating healthier and having started some walking I am feeling good. Even though we had an amazing weekend I got a wake up call this morning saying that I over did it! I slept for 14hrs last night and didn't wake up till noon! I guess my body knows best..... still having a hard time listening to it!

Tomorrow, off to my first day of radiation!


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