Saturday, May 16, 2009


Thursday I managed to do some odds and ends around the house all day along with some house cleaning. The weather was perfect so I got outside for my first walk since finishing treatments. It is amazing how you stamina and energy are just depleted! While doing things around the house I found myself stopping between tasks and sitting on the couch or even lying on the floor for 10-15 mins. Your get up and go all day long got up and went!

Yesterday I had my pre-radiation trial which was a dry run of what will happen when I come in for treatments. Pretty much check in, get changed and what for the technician. Once they call you in they get you set up on the table and call out all different kinds of numbers which are the locations of my body position and my tattoos I believe so that they can make sure that Primus 1 or 2 (the machines) are targeting the correct location. Instead of giving me treatment during this sessions they took some x-rays again just to confirm that I was positioned properly. Whole thing took ~ 40 mins, but I arrived early as well so they said it should be about 30 mins with the treatment part only taking ~ 10mins.

I had some fun time today as well and had a visit with my friend Susan and went out to the show to see "Angels and Demons" which was excellent with Val and John.

I just wanted to share something to finish that I read today from my daily meditations that helps to answer the question of how do you do it, how can you be so strong? Written below answers that question and sums of my journey and who I am as a person.

To be alive means to experience difficulties, conflicts, challenges from many directions. What we do with adverse conditions both determines and is determined by who we are. Resistance, most of us have learned, heightens the adversity. Acceptance of the condition, trusting all the while the lesson it offers us is for our benefit, ensures that we'll "come out on top".


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