Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally Done!

Since my last post June 10th I had 9 more radiation sessions to complete. Well...... I am officially done! The side effects from the radiation of course continued until the end and beyond. The fatigue was consistant and the skin irritation continued to get worse as you can notice from the pictures but..... I am done and that is all that matters.

My last day was to consist of radiation at noon and then a celebration lunch with Val and Steph. Well of course I received a call that morning and one of the machines had broke down. Therefore, I had my celebration lunch first and then my final radiation at 6:30pm. When I left there were so many emotions running through my body. I didn't know if I should scream, cry or run out of the clinic with joy! Well, I ended up with a little of each, I snuck out of one of the exit doors instead of walking through the clinic again with tears in my eyes and once I reached the car I rolled down the windows, cranked the tunes and let out a holla! A weight was finally lifted off of my shoulders!

Along with finishing my radiation I also started massage therapy to help with the scare tissue that has built up due to the surgery. Let me tell you that this is not an enjoyable massage by any means. To sum it up, it literally feels like my skin is being slowly ripped off of my body... not enjoyable but I know in the end it will help to loosen my skin for my reconstruction surgery.

My last week of radiation couldn't have finished off any better than with our "Fight Like A Girl" bake sale to raise money for our dragon boat team. Thank you to everyone who supported us and helped us raise almost $450.

I am going to continue with my blog and will keep everyone updated weekly with the events that are occuring in my life. I thank everyone again for travelling with me on this journey and I hope that you all continue!

Friday, July 24, 2009

To be continued......

My apologies to everyone who has been following my blog. This is just a little note to inform everyone I will be continuing my blog starting next week! I have completed my radiation treatments and life has been a little busy, but I am trying to return to a "normal" life and enjoying the summer. So, again my apologies and stay tuned till next week for new updates!