Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Following the finally of my radiation treatments, I guess you could say it was time to start enjoying the summer! I had so many things in mind to start doing to enjoy the summer and being done with all the treatments but I soon realized that the treatments were still having an effect on me. My energy levels were still low, but of course you know me I pushed through them and did what I had to. Upon awaking I would experience the most so called side effects that still remind me of this journey - bone pain! I looked like an old lady in her 90's walking ... the bone pain started in my hips, feet, toes, hand and fingers. When I awake I have to shuffle to walk as my feet are so sore and achy as well as my hips (which has now disappeared). After I realized that it was not decreasing it started to get a little discouraging because all you want to do now is get better but it really reminds you of what you body has gone through when you need to ask help to twist off the toothpaste cap and ask someone to squeeze it because your hands can not bend. Now, the pain in only in my hands and feet and I have noticed that my right hand is getting better each day. I have started to fall asleep saying to myself "my hands feel better" now whether or not this is what is helping me it sure does help to make me feel better!

Enough about the reminders of treatments, here are some pictures of how we have been spending our summer!

The arrival of Kinga for the summer, Atti's childhood friend from back home.

Like back in the day, hanging with the old crew from T.O. (miss you guys!)

Summertime fun, chillin on our friends boat!

Cruisin around on our jet ski.

At my cousin's for our summertime bonfires!

Thunder Over Michigan airshow - you know we can't have a summer without airplanes!

Our first Dragon Boat practice - more info to come about our results!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, cheers!