Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Return of the Mac" aka Sasha

Following the summer months came the return of Sasha! Everything was rebuilding, my energy and strength, my spark, my love, my life, you name it ..... I was feeling healthier than ever, walking 10km and lifting weights 5-6x/wk ... I was me again! This was the healthiest I had felt since '05 just before I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer - immature teratoma of the germ cell.

I was ready to get my life back into control and back to "normal". With this came returning to work! It was such a great feeling to return, to be with my co-workers, my patients but most of all returning to a job that I love and what I truly believe I was meant to do. Things started off slow, modified work plan for 5 weeks and then I was back into the swing of things full-time come end of November 2009.

We skip ahead to .......

December 2009
The third week of December brought with it a little chest cough that I couldn't shake nothing big but noticable. I assumed with all the celebrations and the holidays that I just picked something up.

This continued till the end of December and the cough started to get worse at night, and with it came uncontrollable coughing fits and night sweats .... to the point of soaking through my sheets! Your mind starts to wonder ...... dry cough, night sweats, previous cancer history ..... no it just a chest cold!

Skip ahead to .......

January 2010
We figured we needed a vacation and had planned to visit family in Tampa. It was nice to get away and get some rest and relaxation .... but things were not getting any better. The night sweats continued, the cough worsened at night time, and now I couldn't even walk through the mall without becoming extremely short of breath! I promised myself upon our return on Sunday January 10th that Monday January 11th I would be in my doctors office.

January 11th 2010
...... my journey begins again........

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