Friday, June 4, 2010

Sasha & Attila BBQ "Fun"raiser

A few months ago one of our friends Stacy approached us and stated that she wanted to do something for us, something to help us out in our situation, possibly a fundraiser.  With me sitting on the back burner for the first time with a fundraiser our crew (Valentina, Heidi, Jason, Shawn & Rosemary) stepped up and jumped in to help.  Knowing that people want to do something nice for you and just want to be able to help in anyway is overwhelming in itself, to know that they are going to go as far a putting on a fundraiser for you makes it even more overwhelming. 

The date was May 16th, the weather was amazing and couldn't have been better.  I know we were blessed and God was smiling down upon all of us that day.  As we drove up I was trying to take it all in .... all these people were her to support us ... to support me.  I don't remember too much as the day went by so fast.  I tried to take in everyone that was there and tried to spend a little time with each person .... I know there were people I missed and some of those I only had a chance to wave to, so please accept my apology and my thankfulness!  One thing I do remember and will forever remember is that I walked around the whole day with a smile on my face ... I had no words to express how I was feeling but I knew I was truly blessed!

Now that the day has passed I am finally able to come up with the right words to express how I was feeling .... 

I started first by laying out the banner and after having read every one's words of inspiration and thoughts (without crying - YEAH!) I realized why tears did not come to my eyes. I thought back to what that day meant to me and hopefully everyone else. It was a day to celebrate life, love, and happiness. To share our energy and to just be happy! As I stated I couldn't stop walking around the BBQ without a smile on my face knowing that everyone was here for us.  To see my parents as happy and appreciative as they were for what this day brought was more than enough, that did bring tears to my eyes .... they are so happy and thankful for the wonderful group of friends we have and the amount of people who turned out to show their love and support. This day was more than just bringing people together for a day to celebrate life it reminded them how to celebrate life! Family and friends were brought together who have not seen each other in years!!!! For one day everything was put aside, any hatred and anger were forgotten, petty little arguments dropped, even high school friends were brought back together, and nothing but love shined through that park. THANK YOU!!!!

Everyone we have talked to praised the committee for the work they did, they couldn't believe how well it was done (we can), the food was awesome, the games, the prizes, everyone that was there ...... we have heard repetitively that people were so happy they could have made it out and share in all of this joy, and stated they would have been upset if they would have missed it!

I thought more about the saying "We Are Here For You Sasha". It is very overwhelming to know that that many people came together for Attila and I, words cannot explain what it feels like to know that! I know when you love someone and care for them from the bottom of your heart and just want to help this is what you do. I know many people feel helpless in this situation .... wondering what you can do to help us ..... all we ask for is to be there for us on this journey and nothing more. But the committee and everyone who supported the BBQ went as cliche as it sounds above and beyond. God has but Attila and I in a circle of family, friends and supporters that I wouldn't change for the world, we love and thank each and everyone of you!  

To be continued ..... as there are still many people to thank for making this day possible.



  1. Hi Sasha

    I have just came across your blog and I am inspired by your strength in this journey. I was diagnosed in March with Stage II breast cancer and now undergoing chemotherapy. Through reading your blog, I realised that we share the same birthday, and the exact year too! What a coincidence! :)
    I hope you're feeling alright and I wish you peace and lots of strength for this fight.


  2. Thank you Lipeng, I am so happy that you found the blog and that it is helping .... this was my goal and if I could help anyone I have reached my goal. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis but stay strong, believe and keep fighting! If you ever need anything don't hesitate to contact me I would love to chat and stay in contact and see how you are doing. Always remember that it is only temporary and things will get better! How crazy is that we share the same b-day and year .... where are you from? What treatment # ar you on now?
    Again, stay strong keep fighting and I hope you continue reading. I hope this finds you feeling well :) Love and prayers.