Tuesday, July 27, 2010

#8 - The End!

I am coming at you live and in living colour!!!  For my last treatment I thought I would come at you from the chemo suite .... hopefully I get this done before the Benadryl sets in :)

July 19th - 23rd, 2010

This week has been filled with my IVC treatments on M/W/F which I believe now are starting to kick in.  My energy levels have seemed to be improving more and more with each day.  For those of you who know who Jeff Dunham is and his character Peanut will understand this.  There is a skit where Jeff is asking why Peanut is so hyper and he repeats "coffee, coffee, coffee" (look it up on Youtube).  Well, when Atti comes home know and sees me moving around the house he repeats the skit to me but subs in Vit. C instead ... it has become an inside joke now for us.  I am so happy to have started this treatment and with how I am feeling while on it ... part of me wishes I would have started much earlier but everything happens when it is supposed to and when you are ready for it. 

Of course you know there was a massage this week :)

I had a follow-up with Dr. Alam on Thursday.  She has given me 6 weeks off ... time to enjoy the rest of summer!  Dr. Alam stated that this will be my last treatment for now #8!  This time frame will give this last chemo treatment a chance to work as well giving me a chance to finish up my Vit. C treatments.  During the beginning of September I will be booked for another chest CT scan to see how things are going, then I will meet with her the week following to discuss what my treatment plan will be consisting of  ... possible completion of chemo, change in chemo regimen if needed, maintenance drug or alternative treatments.  Along with this 6 weeks off I do not have to return for anything, she wants my counts to come up on their own and I receive my last Zoladex shot today.

July 26th, 2010

Had another IVC treatment today and had some adjustments to my treatments/regimen at the CCIM (Canadian Clinic for Integrative Medicine). It is so awesome to start feeling better, it has been awhile so you forget what the feeling feels like.  Everyone is waiting in anticipation to see how I will feel following my chemo treatment as most of the people who I have spoken with who are presently doing both chemo and Vit. C have started before they started their chemo therefore, they do not know any differently whereas I started towards the end of my treatments.  I am waiting in anticipation as well .... hoping I feel good!

July 27th, 2010

Happy last chemo to me, happy last chemo to me, happy last chemo dear Sasha, happy last chemo to me!  This is the song that the nurses sing to you in the chemo suite when you are done!!

I am now receiving my dexamethasone (steroid) .... part of my pre-chemo drugs.  Now onto my Zantac ... working in cardiac I questioned why I was receiving this as our patients receive this for indigestion ... for chemo, I guess it works for nausea.  

It's time to say "over and out" as my next drug is my Benadryl.  Time to get comfortable and get my David Gray play list ready and curl up in my comfy blanket for my nap!

Take care and I hope everyone has an amazing day!


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