Monday, September 13, 2010


It has been sometime since my last post .... 7 weeks to be exact!  Following my last chemo treatment Dr. Alam had given me 6 weeks off of anything to do cancer related and well I took her up on that hence why I have not posted any blogs.  I felt like I had 6 weeks to walk away from my life and that is what I did!  So ..... where has Sasha been???

Since my last post I still have been busy especially with my IVC treatments (Vit. C) which at the beginning of August where 3x/wk and have now decreased to 2/wk. 

I have had the opportunity to meet up with some old friends that I have lost contact with for coffee, lunch with co-workers, b-day celebrations and a wedding and of course massages! We also had the chance to see our friends Jason & Heidi's two little ones Emma and Chet do their first kids triathlon .... way to go guys, following right in your mom & dad's footsteps!  We missed out on seeing Jason & Heidi during their triathlon (my energy wouldn't hold up for another early morning and long day) but they did well and from what I hear Jason did amazing recently on his first ever 1/2 Ironman!!!!  Way to go Petro's!!

I had an awesome night mid August when I had the chance to meet up with some of my BC sistas Dana and Ingrid at Dana's cottage.  It was a night filled with great conversation, laughs and great company.  It was a much needed little retreat and it was great to converse with my sistas who are travelling along the same path ..... we are truly blessed to have each other.

I said goodbye to a close friend Sarah who I have seen grow up over the past 10 years who is venturing out into the working world aboard a cruise ship!  Good luck and we will miss you!  And recently said said good bye to Christina a beautiful angel on earth who left us as well.  I was blessed to have been graced by her presence even if it was only for a short time while we were doing Vit. C treatments together ..... it was a hard funeral to attend because of how close it really hit home but she was truly loved by so many and had touched so many peoples lives with her beautiful smile and true compassion and love for others.  We will miss you Christina and will continue to do your work her on earth.

Some of you are aware of some of the books I have read but I had an awesome opportunity to meet Kris Carr author of "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" & "Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor" with my BC posse .... it was an awesome presentation and I was so happy to have finally met her!  A true inspiration!  Check out her site

My mom and I were also blessed to have been part of a healing mass given in Essex by Fr. Fernando ( who has travelled all over the world doing/helping with God's work .... another amazing and incredible night.

Towards the end of August I was able to take part in another beautiful celebration Yoga 4 Hope .... Thank you to Dar ( for creating such an awesome event!  My practice was in dedication to all my BC sisters and posse out there!

Time for Atti and I :)  We had a chance to get away for a couple days and have some alone time and get a couple games of golf in in beautiful Michigan ... it was so nice to breath in some fresh air, see some awesome scenery and most of all get away!

I also got the chance to go to a couple concerts .... David Gray & Ray Lamontagne ... thank you Manuel!  And the concert of the summer that everyone was talking about Eminem & Jay-Z .... thanks Tony & Shelley! 

September brought with it the last days of summer :(  What more perfect way to go out of summer with than a BBQ with great friends!  Thanks Val & John for an awesome dinner and company :) 

The summer brought with it other exciting news!  Congrats goes out to Val & John on their upcoming new bundle of joy ... a new baby V on the way!  Congrats to Chris (Hallie's godfather) & Kelly on the soon arrival of their baby!  Congrats to Glorianna and Paul .... (I can finally say it as it is out in the open now) on their engagement!  As well as our matchmaker Dr. Wilson ... his daughter Kim & Matt on their engagement!

Cheers to a great summer and great memories!!!



  1. Great post, Sash. Glad to hear that you were able to take a 6-week walk away from everyday life. Thanks for the shout out, too! =)

    Miss you and Atti lots and love ya more!

  2. Lucky you are to have had such an exciting news! This year has brought me too some fresh ideas and even new relatives:) My brother has gotten married, and now I've a sister-in-law. She's an Englishwoman and a very gentle person.