Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Not too much has been happening during these early days of fall.  I am continuing with my Vit. C treatments which have been decreased to 1x/wk, along with my massages and finishing up with my radiant touch sessions.  It has been a time for me, taking care of myself and doing what I need and want to do. 

I had the chance to visit with some family for a couple of days .... my little cousins are getting so big and coming into their own person.  As well, I attended a work dinner and had the chance to catch up with co-workers and lastly a trip to TO to visit with some friends who we only get a chance to see once a year and we celebrated one of their b-days ... it was a weekend filled with love and energy ... thank you guys!

October is looking like a quiet month ... time to take care and continue healing myself!



  1. Hello Sasha: This program on PBS about personalized molecular cancer treatments may interest you.
    If you cant get the video read the transcript below.

    May you recover fully.


  2. The cousins must have enjoyed the time spent with you. I love visiting my little cousin Sam. He's only 2, but at this age he's so funny and interesting. I read him stories and poems usually.